Holiday Hair Care*

Its officially summer! I can't wait to go on holiday this year with my fiancé! The only problem is when I go on holiday I always suffer from dry and brittle hair after a day at the beach or by the pool. Therefore this year I have come up with a plan to keep my hair looking silky smooth and holiday ready!

Hair products to take on holiday

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Festival beauty looks

Festival Beauty Essentials*

Its festival season! I love watching live music, eating and drinking amazing things and having a good old dance with my friends. Festivals are all about having the time of your life! In the past however I haven’t felt too confident with how I look at a festival when everyone makes such an effort nowadays.Here are my few beauty essentials with a few products from Nivea to help you have the best time and feel confident and beautiful at a festival or at any event this summer!

Festival Beauty essentials
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What cosmetics to take with you in an in-flight cabin bag!

I always get so confused and worried about what toiletries I can take on holiday. Recently I went to Rome for a city break holiday with my boyfriend. We decided to just take a standard in-flight cabin bag each to put in the over head locker. This is tricky when it comes to cosmetics – you can only take what fits in a little clear plastic seal bag – therefore here’s my guide of what you can and cant take with you!

June 2017-09

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