The new bronzer on the block


As a start I thought id do a rating at the top of all my blog posts so you guys can see if it applies to you. – let me know if that’s helpful or not!

Name: ‘Perfectly Lit’
Brand: MAC
Make-up: Bronzer/Highlighter/Blusher 
Price: £24 
thebeautyanalyst score outta 10: 8.5

Photo 24-07-2016, 19 51 24

This is definitely a bronzer for people who already own bronzers, do not buy as your first bronzer as its very pigmented and if used wrong will cake your face in so much powder that you will become an satsuma.

This quad bronzer caught my eye on the MAC website straight away because of its name (doesnt everyone want to be ‘perfectly lit’?!), and the fact that its a quad. I haven’t seen that many quad mineralise skin finish powders on their website so this stood out to me. The price is pretty standard for MAC, so quite expensive however this is definitely worth the money as you don’t need a lot, therefore it will last forever…what we like to hear!

I would say that this bronzer would suit medium and darker skin tones, and can be used very lightly on fair skin tones. The colours are reddish browns with golder shimmers that range in 4 shades . When all 4 are swished together with a  fluffy brush they become one 💛. This product can easily pass as a beautiful peach blusher too, so I guess its a bronzer, blusher, highlight in one. Wow its good. I usually dust all over my face with a bronzer brush for a glowy, sunkissed look. This product can also be brushed across arms and legs with a tan for extra shimmer, or used on the eyes. 

Mac Perfectly Lit Swatch


I haven’t seen that many people mention or speak about this product, normally MAC soft and gentle is the go to skin finish powder, however I own both and I would definitely choose either or to make my face look fab. 

Give it a go and pack it in your case this summer or dust it on your face for a party, wedding, festival or whatever your doing for abit of warmth and something extra. 

let me know what you think and leave a comment for others also to read if you give it a try.


thebeautyanalyst x







11 thoughts on “The new bronzer on the block

  1. feelingflaunty says:

    Bronzers are so beautiful, but they look like dirt on me. LOL. Maybe it’s my technique. I’ve actually been thinking about trying one of the M.A.C. matte bronzers though just to see what happens. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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