Lush Disappointment: Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Name:Lava Lamp bath bomb
Brand: Lush
Price: £3.96
thebeautyanalyst score outta 10: 4

This Lush bath bomb is part of the new Father’s Day collection available for the next couple of Month in all Lush stores.

Lush lava lamp bath bomb

I picked this bath bomb up because it looked so bright and appealing. I’ve never seen one like this and the fact that it was new in store caught my attention. I trust Lush products so I tend to just go in and pick something that’s new. I always pick up an old favourite which is normally the bubble bar ‘The Comforter’. This time I got the Lava Lamp bath bomb and The Modfather bubble bar which I have also blogged about here… The Modfather bubble bar was my favourite of the two and is also in the Fathers Day collection!

I ran a deep bath of water and then let the bath bomb fizz away into a deep orange colour with a strong orange, mandarin, and tangerine scent. The purple parts of the bath bomb became a inky consistency like a lava lamp however and started to seep out and stick to the side off the bath. I think this was just the cocoa butter in the product. This actually became quite unpleasant when I got in the bath as I was panicking that I wouldn’t get the newly formed purple rim off my mum’s recently new bath!

I thought that the scent of the bath was relaxing however that was it. My bath looked like I’d opened a fountain pen ink cartridge and tipped in it my bath! Along with the purple stain came purple skin. I got out the bath and looked like a blueberry. WARNING No 1: Do not stick your face under the bath water, if you were wondering- I kept my head out the bath! WARNING No 2: Have some bleach and a cloth on the side ready to clean for 20 minutes after your bath.

So… I won’t be wasting my money repurchasing this bath bomb again, and I don’t think my dad would appreciate it if I bought it him for Father’s Day! However I love Lush and one bad product will not put me off the thousands of amazing products they have in store.

Let me know if there are any similar products to avoid, or whether there are some amazing bath bombs that you would recommend. I think I’ll stick to getting a Dragon Egg next time.


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  1. lucylovesbeautyxo May 30, 2016 / 8:02 pm

    That looks like such a strange bath bomb lol! Hope you got the purple off your skin eventually 🙈 xxxxx

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