Affordable make-up: Barry M SHOWGIRL Mascara

Name: SHOWGIRL Extra Volumising Mascara
Brand: Barry M
Price: £4.99 < OMG AMAZING!!!
thebeautyanalyst score outta 10: 7

So I fancied a new mascara (again) but this time I didn’t want to break the bank.
I popped into Superdrug on weekend a couple of months ago as I normally do to scope what was new, or on offer. Naturally I made my way down to the Barry M counter for some nail polish. However I was surprised to see this gorgeous pink star covered mascara that stated it would give me ‘showgirl’ lashes for a fiver!…So ‘straight in my basket’ it went and I have been in love with it ever since.

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I love this mascara due to its synthetic brush applicator. I think these types of applicators are quite rare in a drugstore. I’m not a huge fan of plastic applicators as I feel that they make my lashes clumpy with product. To be honest with you I don’t like to use my most expensive mascaras (Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes) as they cost a fortune and I like to use those special make up pieces for occasions. 

If you’re the same as me then I would 100% recommend that this mascara is perfect for everyday. I wear it to work everyday and I have to say it makes my eyes look wider and keeps me looking awake even if I’m trying to hold back falling asleep at my desk! This mascara is perfect for a young lady’s first make up collection, a gift for a friends birthday, and any woman who fancies trying some new make up which is affordable and is great quality.

I only use 1 coat of the mascara as I’m normally running out the door with no time to spare, but I would recommend that you use 2 coats for extra volume for your lashes. This mascara is also a very jet black colour so you get very velvety lashes.

I wouldn’t completely agree that my lashes look extra volumised or that I look like a showgirl, but for the price you are paying your lashes are lifted and do hold their curl for the whole day. I use lash curlers also which helps gain an even bigger curl!

I guess the ultimate question is ‘would you repurchase’?! My answer is ‘YES’. I totally would. This mascara is affordable, good quality, gives great lash lift, and the packaging is so beautiful. Its currently stored at the front of my clear acrylic make up draws as its super pretty!

What is your favourite Barry M product? Can you recommend any other affordable mascaras that I could add to my ever expanding collection?

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  1. seasidefreckles July 16, 2016 / 1:30 pm

    I love this too! I got it free once when I bought an eye shadow pallette and its great! I always wear this with false eyelashes x

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