High St or High End?: Shimmer Bricks

Name: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Pink Quartz) / Collection Gorgeous Glow Block
Brand: Bobbi Brown/Collection
Price: £33/£4.19
thebeautyanalystscore outta 10: 10/6

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Bobbi Brown or Collection? you decide.

So we all love highlighters. I especially love multiple tone highlighters as I think that they can really take a look to the next level and create a multi-dimensional skin finish.

I have had both of these highlighters for quite a while now. One I use very often, and one I don’t. So lets start with the High End Shimmer Brick: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in ‘Pink Quartz’.

This is the shimmer brick that everyone needs in their lives.

Bobbi Brown creates the most amazing make up. I love all of her eye make up and her lip glosses are incredible.

The pay off is long lasting and beautifully highlighted skin. The product is very pigmented so you don’t need much. This means that the £33 you spend will be a good investment and last a lifetime. The packaging is very robust (great for travelling) and inside you also get a large mirror which is always a bonus.

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The lovely rose pink and rose gold tones within this shimmer brick ooze high quality make up. These colours would look perfect if you have a tan, or to warm up winter skin. I have also used these colours as eye shadow and body shimmer. I tend to swish a large bronzer brush and dust my whole face, or use a small highlighting brush to define the more delicate areas.

This product is a must buy for your make up bucket list, and a great investment piece.

Unfortunately High End wins this for me. Next up is a high street version of a shimmer brick: Collection Gorgeous Glow Block

I love Collection products, there concealer is my all time favourite ever ever ever, and i have recently done a blog post on how amazing their sculpt and highlight palette is!

I saw this product a few months ago and thought it would be a great idea to avoid me using  all my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick! However i was rather disappointed.

Photo 03-07-2016, 17 54 33Photo 11-06-2016, 16 01 30

Although the colours are so beautiful in this block they are not very pigmented at all. This meant that when I applied the powder to my skin it looked liked i’d not really done anything. Then if I applied lots and lots of powder it would blow off my face as soon as I went outside!

I now use the colours for eye shadow. I have found that when applied wet to the eyelid they tend to be more pigmented and look lovely with my brown eyes and hair. The packaging is also very nice too. However no mirror.

Unlike the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick the Collection Block provides a guide of where on the face to apply the powder. This for me is vital and allows you to get a flawless look every time. It also helps you if you have never tried a highlighting product before. However the product was not for me! 

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If you wish to go and have a look at these products, Bobbi Brown produce 5 different shimmer bricks for all skin types, with names like rose and nectar I’m sure they will not disappoint. Collection also do a Gorgeous glow blush block too.

Have you had any of these products before? What are your thoughts? Comment below, or ask me on Twitter and Instagram.

I love reading your comments. I listen to you lot all of the time! One of you loved this style of post after reading my contour kit blog post and commented saying I should create another one, so I hope you have enjoyed and continue to enjoy my blog x

Love you all loads,

thebeautyanalyst x


  1. beautifybrooke July 5, 2016 / 5:25 pm

    Great comparison! I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown but I really want to (when I actually have money!)

    • thebeautyanalystblog July 6, 2016 / 4:05 pm

      The products are actually so lovely, I would say they are a similar price to MAC and the same quality of not better xxxx 😍 thanks for reading beaut

  2. suzielily July 6, 2016 / 9:13 am

    I have one of the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks too and I love it. I tend to find with cheaper shimmer bricks my brushes pick up the shimmer and not the colour so my face just ends up looking really glittery. Great post by the way! 🙂 xx

    • thebeautyanalystblog July 6, 2016 / 4:06 pm

      Yes I totally agree!!! Which one do you have I quite fancy getting another one 😊 Thankyou and thanks for reading beaut xxxxxx

      • suzielily July 6, 2016 / 4:29 pm

        I have the bronze shimmer brick, it’s so pretty and there is a great selection of shades in it. You’re welcome! 🙂 xxxxxx

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