Jamberry Nails*

Name: Tiki Hut nail wraps
Brand: Jamberry UK
Price: £15
thebeautyanalyst score outta 10: 10. 

Hello! as you are probably are aware already I love all things nails. I love beautiful polishes and false nails however i’d never tried nail wraps… until i got the Jamberry nails, and I love them.

Photo 25-06-2016, 17 28 35

Jamberry is a bit like Avon for nails, they have lots of consultants who throw Jamberry nail parties for ladies all across the UK and take a variety of different nail wraps with them. I was contacted by the lovely Gillian ( her twitter is @mrsmo80) who is an independent consultant for Jamberry. She asked if I would take part in the 7 day nail wraps challenge! – well I love a challenge so obviously didn’t turn it down.

Gillian let me choose from a variety of nail wraps designs and then send me a wrap for two fingers – you get a strip and cut it in half for both nails. I chose the design ‘Tiki Hut’ as I thought it was really pretty and perfect for summer. On the website the nail design is a lot clearer than when the wrap arrived, however I still thought it was really pretty and couldn’t wait to try it out!

Application: Basically you cut the wrap in half to make one nail for each hand. You then peel the nail off the slip that it comes on and lightly press it onto the nail – once you take the nail off the slip on side is quite sticky so then you attach that part onto your nail. You then take a hairdryer (so cool!) and heat the nail wrap for about 5 seconds. The heat then makes the wrap bendy and soft. You then push onto the nail and make sure there are no air bubbles! I would say it would take just as long to paint your nails, but in the end you get  a better and much more long lasting result.

The Challenge! 
So as i only had one nail wrap for 2 nails I matched the Tiki Hut nail wrap to the lovely duck egg blue Topshop nail polish ‘celestial’. I find that these nail polishes only need one coat and are very long lasting. They’re also really affordable and come in hundreds of different shades!

I was quite sceptical that the nails wraps would remain on my nails for 7 days. After multiple showers, hand washing and general day to day life I thought that these nails would start to come loose. Well I was wrong. They didn’t budge for the whole 7 days and my other nail polished chipped! I also got loads of complements from friends and colleagues about my nails over the week which is always lovely to hear, that’s when I knew that the Jamberry nail wraps were of high quality and super pretty as my mates don’t give many compliments!

Photo 25-06-2016, 17 23 40 - Copy

If you want to get in touch with Gillian her details are on the image above, or visit her website.

I would definitely purchase a full pack of these nail wraps, there are loads of designs, for an occasion – the Christmas ones are soooo cute! They are £15 which is quite costly but these nails wraps last ages, so I think they are worth every penny. If you buy these nails I challenge you to 7 days of wearing them and noticing that they are so fabulous!

let me know what you think in the comments below or on my twitter!

lots of love,

thebeautyanalyst x


6 thoughts on “Jamberry Nails*

  1. Tonya Craig says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful review of Jamberry Nail Wraps. I am also a convert and have now become a Jamberry consultant. It is great to come into a company so new to the UK and be the first to introduce the Jamberry wraps experience. I have not had a negative review. Welcpme to the wonderful world of pretty Nails for every occasion. Now it is the school holidays I have lots of junior Jams to share, a big big hit with little peeps x

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