Liz Earle: Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash

Name: Liz Earle: Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash.
Brand: Liz Earle 
Price: £13 
Thebeautyanalyst score outta 10:10

This is the perfect in shower body wash for me, it’s leaves you smelling fresh and clean all day and is so perfect for my skin.

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As you will probably know from previous blog posts I love all Liz Earle products. They suit my skin type and I can happily say that make skin looks and feels healthier since I’ve been using them – which is probably about 3 years now! 😍
A couple of years ago I ask for some Liz Earle products as Christmas presents. From my parents I got the Vanilla and Saffron creamy shower nectar. That was the best ‘in shower’ product I have ever and will ever own but it got discontinued! 😭 Liz please bring that back as that stuff literally was everything!!!

Anyway, I absolutely loved the body wash, it was super soft on my skin and left such a clean luxury smell all day that I didn’t actually need to wear any perfume! Recently I went into my local John Lewis Liz Earle counter and noticed the Orange Flower Body Wash and thought could this be my new fave?!

Well I have been so in love ever since, the body wash helps soften and smooth, whilst nourishing my skin. I tend to get dry skin on my arms especially, but that has disappeared since using this Body Wash everyday. This Body Wash contains oats, orange flower water, essential oils and vitamin e. These are a great combo when mixed together and really make my skin look and feel fab. The scent is a very light citrus scent, leaving the skin smelling clean.

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I apply a small coin sized amount to my palm and then lather it everywhere! The Body Wash is quite thick (I presume from the oats) so you don’t need to use a lot. This is reassuring when purchasing this product as you want to spend your money on something that is high quality and long lasting. I have also used this as a bubble bath too; it makes great bubbles and creates a super relaxing but reviving bath. I use this after I go running for a bit of a pick me up in my bath when I’m half dead!

I would say that £13 is not much money at all for such a great product. I would say its a similar price to a lush shower gel and just as good quality. Id recommend if you want to try this brand for the first time or if you just fancy a change from your normal £1 shower gel.

Have you used this product or any other Body Wash that you can recommend to me?! I’d love to know! 😍

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