SEPTEMBER 2016 Magazine Freebies: ELLE UK

Well beauts, I love writing magazine posts as you can probably see I love magazines! I buy one every week and love to read about all the new fashion and beauty trends. This months post is the September issue of ELLE UK.

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ELLE UK has changed its whole magazine dedicating it to the ‘curious revolutionaries that think differently’. ELLE have focused on fashion and have created quite an editorial magazine similar to VOGUE with pages of high fashion campaigns which I love browsing through. This magazine also included articles all about new ways of thinking, the changing of cultures and it actually really was a great hour of reading that was educational as well as pretty and informative.

The release of the new style ELLE UK has led them to publish 5 different covers for their Spetember issue. The covers include Kristen Stewart (below), Zayn Malik (wish i had that one instead), Amandla Stenberg, Hari Nef and a blank concept cover. The blank cover I think is very brave as I think it will attract a lot of people into picking this issue up for the first time and reading it.

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Obviously one of my favourite parts of any magazine is the beauty section. Well this issue has a whopping 27 pages of amazing content, touching on new trends (the gothic trend looks incredible) and a beauty directory. I also loved reading the Beauty CV of someone that’s been in the industry a long time, I  actually weirdly love reading CV’s as I have to do this in my real job as an analyst, so reading one for a beauty role was fun!

Right, its freebie time!

Well I’m sure you guessed that the shiny box of ‘Dew the HOOLA’ by Benefit was the first thing that caught my eye on the shelf of nearly 1,000 magazines at the weekend. This little box of goodness contains a 5ml sample of the newly released product which will last me a while as one pump dispenses enough for that perfect contour. I’ve been wanting to try a liquid bronzer for AGGGESSSSS so I was happy that I didn’t have to spend a great fortune  to get my hands on one (ELLE UK is £4.10).

From pumping the product on my hand this stuff also smells amazing (the scent of HOOLA), slightly fruity which I love, so i’m sure it will become one of my August favourites quite rapidly. Inside ELLE UK there is a ‘how to’ by Benefit for all new liquid bronzer users, something that I will be finding super helpful!

Photo 09-08-2016, 17 41 33


Photo 09-08-2016, 17 42 50


You also get a sample of the Tresemme ‘Expert Selection beauty-full volume’ pre wash conditioner and shampoo. I’m very intrigued by a conditioner you use before shampoo – seems wrong to me! But I do use their platinum strength shampoo everyday so don’t doubt that these two will also be amazing! They have been created to add extra volume to the hair, as sometimes using conditioner after shampoo can weight it down. I will try these two out over the next week and give an update on my Twitter so make sure you are following me!

Photo 09-08-2016, 17 41 09

So this month why don’t you treat yourself to ELLE UK and get a bronzy glow and beautiful hair for £4.10? Are you off on your holidays soon? Wouldn’t this be the perfect thing to treat yourself to in the airport along with your bottle of perfume/aftershave/vodka?

have a lovely day,

thebeautyanalyst x

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  1. Daniela September 17, 2016 / 2:47 pm

    I got my ELLE UK with @lookfantastic products last month, was amazing!! A lots of ideas,…

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