NAIL saving polishes. 

So we all want nails that aren’t weak, brittle, cracked, and down right helpless. Well these two polishes can really help you achieve nail goals.

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I was sick of my nails looking a bit rubbish, weak, and grey so I decided to go on the lookout for some nail saving/nail care products. A couple of months ago I had seen an Instagram campaign from Barry M with ‘Lucy Meck’ from TOWIE all about these two products so I thought I’d get them myself and give them ago. So off I trotted down to Superdrug 😊 I picked up both of the two nail saving nail polishes as I thought my nails required each of the treatments that these polishes offer! #sadtimes. 

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Barry M nail care polishes

The first of the two polishes is the ‘Mani Mask’ nail polish in ‘bashful’. This polish helps cover up pigmentation on the nails such as calcium lines, colours the nails in a very pale nude matte finish, and conditions the nails to bring them back to life! They also do this polish in pink, this one is called ‘birthday suit’.

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Barry M ‘Mani Mask’ nail care polish (front)

I enjoy wearing nude nail polishes, I feel like they make my nails look classy and well groomed. They also mask when you chip a nail very well. I have also become a big fan of matte nail polishes, I think they look really pretty and great with a glitter polish over the top! The Mani Mask polish leaves a very light coverage of polish which dries a pinky matte nude. I have used this polish many times now when I needed a nail pick me up. I tend to apply one coat and leave it on for about 3-4 days and then take it off. It doesn’t chip and it leaves my nails soft and strong. I think this polish is also perfect for work as its not too bright and still makes you looks clean and professional instead of having pink chipped nails in a meeting!

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Barry M ‘Mani Mask’ nail polish (back)

The second polish is what I class as the hard core nail treatment. The ‘Iron Mani’ does what it says on the bottle and makes your nails as strong as Iron!

This product is the one to use in colder weather, or when your feeling a bit run down and your nails are suffering along with yourself! This polish when used as a base coat is a clear, glossy polish that provides strength to your nails and makes them look much healthier! 

Photo 27-07-2016, 19 21 11

Barry M – ‘Iron Mani’ nail polish (front)

Since I have had this polish my nails haven’t suffered! They don’t break or weaken and they actually grow quicker than they used to. I tend to use this polish once a month. I paint my nails then leave the clear polish on. I don’t put on another colour polish as I quite enjoy the look of the clear polish!

Photo 27-07-2016, 19 21 42

Barry M ‘Iron Mani’ nail polish (back)

What’s also great about these nail polishes is that they are super affordable and available everywhere! The quality of them of also very good, I will be repurchasing in the future! 😍

Do your nails suffer sometimes?! If they do I hope these two polishes help you!


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  1. InTheShadeIvory August 13, 2016 / 9:27 am

    Their nail hardener is amazing,i have a post on it too.

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