How to cheat the perfect blow dry every day of the week

For a while now I’ve been in love with this product. I has worked wonders with my very fine, limp, and boring locks and I think it deserves the final slot in my mini hair care series.
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Photo 27-07-2016, 19 18 01So let me tell you how I cheat the perfect blow dry everyday of the week… GHD Root Lift Spray. This little black, gold, and purple bottle is the stuff of dreams. This spray not only lifts your hair, it keeps it supported all day and works its little socks off no matter what the weather brings its way.

I was first introduced to this product by the lady at the GHD counter in John Lewis. She could see that my hair was very thin and a bit brittle so she used this root booster spray as a way of adding volume without heat. She also recommended a root boosting powder to get that extra large volume – read all about my favourite one here. I was a bit bewildered when she applied it to my hair as normally you require heat to activate whatever is in the spray, however the GHD one uses friction.

Photo 27-07-2016, 19 18 11

GHD Root Lift Spray

This means all you have to do is section your hair, apply the spray, then give your fingers a wiggle under your hair to give you roots a lift, then your done. I use this every time I blow dry my hair and it provides that perfect root boosted volumised blow dry look without using a mouse, volumising shampoo, and super strong hold hair spray. I actually think this product is a miracle as its a combination of so many hair products in one.

Application is super easy, with a really good pump. The spray comes out and wets your hair quite a lot, but dries super quick so don’t worry. This spray is also non sticky. I hate it when hairspray gets caught up in your hair or your hands, and makes everything you touch sticky and tacky. This product also doesn’t clog up or damage your hair. It just brushes out if you want to flatten or washes out whenever you next come to washing your hair. The product is also really build able. I also use this to create volume for hair pony tails or ballet style hair buns!

Photo 27-07-2016, 19 18 24

GHD root lift spray and applicator nozzle

When people say GHD I think good quality, but then I also think expensive. This spray is £12.95 which I don’t think is too bad. I would happily re-purchase this product as I would be totally lost without it. This is the perfect accompaniment to straighteners and curling tongues and really helps achieve that perfect look with zero effort.

For those of you who fancy a change to your hair style but don’t have time to spend hours doing your hair, or who want to look polished and well groomed for work, this product is your new saviour.  I wasn’t really aware that GHD did any hair care products, but trust me they have the same amazing quality that all of their hair styling tools have too. If you go into John Lewis the GHD staff will happily try the product in your hair so you can try before you buy! #winner

Let me know what you like to use to achieve that beautiful blow dry, or any other effortless looking hair styles!

Lots of love,

thebeautyanalyst x

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  1. Georgia September 9, 2016 / 12:37 pm

    I’ve heard such good things about this root lift spray! I’ve got super long hair which is medium thickness towards the end but so flat at my roots – might have to add this to my hair routine!! xx

    Georgia ♡

    • thebeautyanalystblog
      September 9, 2016 / 9:23 pm

      That’s the same problem I’ve had! But I love that this product changes that! Thanks for reading again beaut xxxx

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