My most loved 4 products of all time from LUSH Cosmetics

So I’m a self confessed LUSH Cosmetics addict. My friends even call me the bath bomb chick as I have tried pretty much every bath bomb/or bubble bar going in LUSH. If I had to give you a list of my all time favourites it would be these 4 – I’ve done 4 as I’ll never be able to whittle it down to 1.


Depending what mood I’m in ill prefer a bubble bar or bath bomb. I’d have a bath every day for at least an hour and a half if I had the time; therefore I like LUSH products that last and provide an amazing bath whenever you use them.

Lets start with Bubble Bars…

So obviously the ‘Comforter‘ was in my top 4. This Blackberry scented bubble bar never fails to provide you with the most amazing bath ever. This bubble bar is also super sized so you can get at least 3 baths from it.


The Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.95).

I love crumbling bubble bars into my bath and letting the bubbles go crazy big. This bubble bar makes the water turns beautifully pink too. Bubble bars are the things you need if your feeling like you need a soothing bath after a stressful day, or if your skin is feeling a bit dry and you need some moisture! I also come out the bath extremely calm and soothed, and my skin is always silky smooth.

The second bubble bar in my top 4 is ‘Granny takes a dip‘. This rainbow looking product always puts me in the best mood after using it.


Granny takes a dip (£3.65).

This bubble bar is lemon and ginger scented, so makes you a bit more invigorated than the comforter. As this bubble bar is a lot smaller I tend to use all of it for one bath (can you tell I love bubbles) or break it in half and stretch it to two. If you have never tried bubble bars before from LUSH – this is for you – if you don’t like it (I doubt this very much) you wont have half a bubble bar lying around.

Right Bath Bombs…

I also have 2 bath bombs which I always purchase when I go into LUSH. The first is the Blackberry bath bomb. I think there is obviously a recurring blackberry scented LUSH love affair going on as this bath bomb is just amazing. I use this bath bomb mostly for morning baths or like an early evening bath before a night out when you need that ‘pick me up’.


Blackberry Bath Bomb (£3.35)

This bath bomb includes frankincense which is meant to settle you. I think that’s why I love this bath bomb so much. I always feel refreshed and happy when I use it. I don’t feel stressed anymore. This bath bomb is perfect for people who say they don’t like LUSH < — how dare you! he-he. This plain bath bomb is filled with goodness, nobody is able to resist a violet coloured bath.

The final bath bomb is another of those LUSH products that everyone loves. Twilight. This lavender scented bath bomb is perfect for those of you that have a stressful day, or something playing on your mind and you need settling and getting into that ‘sleepy mood’. I think this bath bomb is always great to use on a Sunday night. I always begin to worry about the working week ahead and what it might bring; therefore this bath bomb makes me put these thoughts to the back of mind and chills me out.


Twilight bath bomb (£3.75)

When you drop this bath bomb into a deep bath it starts with baby pink and blue swirls eventually turning into a deep purple. This puts me in the mood for bedtime. I like to get in the bath as this bath bomb is still fizzing away as its really soothing watching it travel round the bath. This bath bomb is also perfect for this time of year. I love to match bath bombs with seasons – and this one is perfect for autumn/winter especially Halloween!.

Are these 4 your favourites also? or do you have a different set of LUSH favourites? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter / Instagram. I will forever be a LUSH addict but I don’t think that this TOP 4 will ever change.

Hope you have a lovely day,


thebeautyanalyst x

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13 thoughts on “My most loved 4 products of all time from LUSH Cosmetics

  1. xandraroseblog says:

    oh my gosh twinnie, we are MEANT to be bestest friends forever, I flippin’ love everything to do with having a bath and LUSH, I would also have a bath everyday for hours until I shrivel up like a prune haha!. I actually have the blackberry bath bomb waiting to try in my lush stash at home!! Also I love the different background you have for these pics, it’s so comforting and warm looking just like a bath, love it!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sabah Hussain says:

    What a great post! I’ve never used LUSH bath bombs or bubble bars and I’m think I might have to pay a visit to my nearest LUSH store.

    Also, I came from a tweet you posted and I realised I misread your tweet after reading this post. I thought you were referring to yourself when you said “Granny takes a dip” LOL! Oops!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sabah ||


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