How to master surviving freshers and university. 

Recently I’ve been on twitter looking at everyone’s freshers posts and nervous tweets about beginning University. Seeing as I managed to survive it and have the best 3 years of my life I thought I’d share some survival tips with those of you that are just beginning uni; or those of you that might be in your second/third or even fourth year.Watch out for some home truths… this is a survival guide after all.

Keep yourself and your stuff clean:
Nobody likes a scruffy bitch. There you go that’s all that needs to be said really. Make sure you wash your pots after you use them (that doesn’t mean 24 hours after). Make sure you keep your room clean as you don’t know which lad/girl you might wake up next to/invite over and want to give a good impression. Make sure you keep yourself clean – even if your really hungover and you want to stay in your pj’s all day. Have a shower and put clean pj’s on – that way if anyone comes in your room you wont smell like last night and people will take pity on you and make you a cuppa. Keeping clean also helps your avoid freshers flu. I would recommend buying some adult multi-vitamins – even if you have dominoes every day of the week your still giving yourself some nutrients.

Watch your bank balance:
If all you have is £150 a month to live off then make the most of it. The times I argued with myself in Primark as to whether I should spend £7 on a top was just not worth it. Make the most of your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to share clothes with your flatmates – you know where they live, they cant lose your stuff. Go down the offy and get some cheap pre-drinks, get supermarket own brands (I would recommend Sainsbury’s basic chocolate- 35p and lightly salted tortilla chips -45p). Don’t go calling mummy and daddy for a £200 top up every week – you’ll soon be known as the spoilt one who doesn’t know a thing about managing money… you’ll then be marked as the person who can pay for the taxi/food/anything else for your flat mates. The way to get your parents to help is asking that they buy you things such as – Loo roll, toiletries, razors, wash powder, and biscuits: this way they can treat you and not resent you.  Also don’t make yourself go into your overdraft its not worth it – I never went into mine, and I was fine!

Get sociable:
University is the time to be yourself and make lots of different friends. In freshers talk to EVERYONE. Don’t keep yourself locked away in your room speaking to your friends from home, they’ll still be there (mine are and always will be). Speak to your course mates, & organise something to do with just your flatmates so you can get to know who your actually living with. I recommend a bar crawl, Nandos or pub quiz. Join societies that YOU want to join, even if they are really cringey – you went to uni for yourself so do what you want to do. Organise a flat party and invite EVERYONE! You’ll soon be the person that everyone knows, so you’ll always have a friend. Learn some drinking games – this is the perfect icebreaker, preferably ring of fire, or if you want to get wasted just play red or black. Remember your flat mates birthdays – try and come up with the best fancy dress/night out ideas to give them the best time ever – also get them a card and alcohol.

Watch your waistline:
Its a well known fact – every student puts at least 1 stone of weight on when you go to uni. Its hardly surprising though is it? Your diet has gone from veg and home cooked meals to pasta, pasta, more pasta and shit loads of alcohol. I put 2 stone on in first year because of this, but in third year I lost 4 stone (healthily may I add) so I undid my sins. This was how… I got off my ass! > I downloaded couch to 5k on my phone and ran for 30 mins 3 times a week. I lost weight because I actually did exercise. So even if your diet is so poor promise yourself you’ll go for a walk round the block/walk to uni/ go swimming/ any other form of exercise every day or at least 3 times a week. This way you won’t gain any weight and you’ll feel so much better.

Other stuff I wish I’d known from the start:
Wash your clothes when your wash basket is full, not when you have one pair of pants left (as in the ones your wearing). When you wash your clothes to dry them hang them as you would on a coat hanger then on the airer – this stops creases and ironing altogether. Don’t bitch about anyone – you never know who the person your telling might become friends with. Start thinking of who you want to live with in second year in November and get your house in December. Skype and Facetime are wonderful things. Always text people from home once a week to see how they are getting on – don’t let the strings loosen too much. Don’t get your boobs out from the word go, as that’s what you’ll always be remembered for. Don’t be too opinionated – some people wont have been subjected to you and your strong views, ease them in and remember that if others don’t agree with you then that’s their view. Don’t argue with people who don’t like the same music as you about music taste. Don’t be the one who shouts all the answers out in lectures. Check your library rentals so they don’t fine you for an overdue book. Don’t let it get you down if some one has pinched your last slice of dominoes that you were saving for breakfast, they might turn out to be the love of your life – they did in my case.

Have the absolute best time of your life. Laugh until you cry, drink until you cry, and get so stressed with essays until you cry. YOLO – don’t let uni fly by and not enjoy it. I wish you all the luck in the world with freshers and university, have a shot for me and have the best time of your life – you earned it.

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Lots of Love,

thebeautyanalyst x

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