How to ensure your lips look wonderful this winter

I am one of those girls who gets super dry and cracked lips as soon as the autumn and winter days start to roll in. When you are a lipstick hoarder and adorer like me this then becomes really hard. You all of a sudden are forced to decide whether you even want to put lipstick on in case it dries out your lips even more OR makes your lipstick looked all cracked and messy. For all you girls who are in the same boat as me – this is how you can ensure your lips look wonderful this winter.


KIKO ‘kiss balms’

KIKO is a brand that I have loved for a long time- I’ve even got my mum and granny hooked!. KIKO is an Italian brand with stores that are now popping up all across the UK – and online. I would state that KIKO is the cheaper, younger sister of MAC based on product quality and price. KIKO is a third of the price as MAC, and pretty much the same quality if not sometimes better – my faves are the crème eye shadow sticks.  I remember when I first saw a store on oxford street a few years ago… my boyfriend got really annoyed with me as I spent half an hour in there trying out every single lipstick/gloss/eye shadow stick on display.

So to my ultimate surprise last Christmas my mum popped these two metallic pink lip balms in my stocking and I was doing back flips of joy. These lip balms are called ‘kiss balms’ and come in 7 different shades ranging from a nude to a deep berry. I received ’04 –cherry’ and ’05-raspberry’ (in order below) in my stocking and I was very happy.

Both shades are a vibrant pink in colour, raspberry darker than cherry. The balms don’t look as pigmented as they are in the container on the lips, but they add enough tint and pigment to provide plenty of coverage. When applied to the lips it feels and looks like you are wearing a thin lip gloss. I don’t feel like the colour fades or runs off the lips and I tend to have to reapply every 2-3 hours or if I’m eating/drinking then a bit more often. This may sound like a lot but you usually have that often anyway when you have to use a lip balm, so I think that’s acceptable.

The price of the kiss balms are £5.90. I think this is a steal considering you’re getting two products for the price of one (gloss and balm). The shea butter within the balm really helps soothe and heal your lips, whilst the pink shade masks any cracks, lumps and redness you may have. I think this lip balm is as good as all others for protection and you don’t have to go out looking like you’re covered in millions of layers of Vaseline all over your lips and smudged down your face. I guess its lip balm for when you want to look your best instead of at bed time where you slap so much Vaseline on you don’t care what you look like.

As well as the cooler months I also love wearing these balms in summer when I’m on holiday as they go perfectly with a tan and make you look like you’ve made a bit of an effort when you’re wearing minimal make up. They also have SPF 15 so are a winner any time the sun pops out to say hello. I would also wear these lip balms under or over a matte lip to add some moisture to my lips or to add that ‘glossy’ look.


As there are a few different shades the kiss balms would suit and apply to anyone of any age. In fact my mum brought herself the deep berry one, and we got my granny a nude, almost clear one too. I think they look really cute and pretty in your handbag, and you always get asked what they are when you pull one out. They come in a handy travel case too so you won’t ever lose it! – big winner for me as I have lost so many make up over the years.

So if your wanting to treat yourself or a loved one I think these are such a perfect gift.

What lip balms do you like to wear? Are you a straight up trusty Vaseline or does a Elizabeth Arden luxury balm take your fancy? – let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter and Instagram.

Lots of love,

thebeautyanalyst x

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  1. xandraroseblog September 30, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    Wow twinnie, these look fab! I get really dry lips, I’m forever using my vaseline haha.. but I will DEFO be looking into buying some of these, plus the packaging is so cute i love it!! xo

    • thebeautyanalystblog October 1, 2016 / 9:54 am

      So so cute!!! 😍💕 thanks for reading and for your support! Love yah xxxx

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