So the UK is officially obsessed with NYX. I feel that the matte lip creams as amazing as they are seem to be getting all the hype. That’s about to change once people discover the infinite eye shadow sticks.


I love eye shadow. I have to apply it whenever I wear make up. For me its a game changer, no matter what I’m wearing or doing eye shadow can really brighten your eyes and showcase your personality.

I am a busy girl so I love my make up to be good quality, and easy and quick to apply. I discovered the NYX shadow sticks a few months ago and knew instantly that this would become my go to product.

Not only do the shadow sticks come in a variety of shades such as bronze, rose gold, sweet pink, chocolate and blackout they are only £6.50. For me this is an absolute bargain. I have the shade ‘Almond’. This is the perfect champagne gold and makes my brown eyes sparkle giving them that candle lit soft glow. Paired with my jet black CT Legendary Lashes Mascara this combination is a match made in make-up heaven.


NYX infinite shadow stick – ‘Almond’

If you have never tried creme eye shadow sticks then the NYX ones are a good first buy. They are really easy to apply – I tend to glide them over my eye lid and then blend in with my finger. My favourite way to wear these sticks is to use them as an under eye shadow. The pointed applicator is very thin so you can get a nice band of colour under your waterline making the eyes pop. You can also blend them in with other eye shadows to give your eyes more definition.

Another great bonus of creme eye shadows vs powder eye shadows is the staying power. Once I apply this product it does not budge until my clarins eye make up remover has gently taken it away. I find creme shadows great for days when you want your make up to stay put and look amazing all day, without too many touch ups. To know that your eye make up wont fade throughout the day also makes you feel a lot more comfortable and less likely to be looking round for a mirror.

The only down side to this is that there is only a limited amount of product. There is no ‘twist up’ applicator at the bottom of the stick to supply you with more shadow. Nor is there a sharpener to go with the shadow stick to still provide precision once the tip gets worn down. However this wouldn’t stop me re purchasing as you don’t need much product to give the desired effect. FYI I will use a liner brush once the pointed end becomes flat!


Do you have one of the NYX infinite shadow sticks? If so what shade?! I think I want to get blackout and chocolate next – I want to get that perfect smokey eye for autumn/winter and I know that with these shadow sticks that’s a guaranteed success!

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