Superdrug ‘Clearly Youthful’ Day and Night Serums

I always like to keep my skin feeling replenished and moisturised. Once the weather changes to colder temperatures my skin tends to really suffer and needs that extra moisture. I have wanted to try a serum for a while but as you know serums tend to be very expensive. I then stumbled across these two in Superdrug for a really affordable price and had to give them a go!


Serums have a more concentrated moisturising formula. They help replenish the skin by providing extra nutrients, or helping the skin restore itself and prevent dark circles, pigmentation and redness in the skin. They are basically miracle creams that are applied every day under a day cream for an extra boost and glow!

I have been eyeing up Superdrug’s own skincare range for a long time after reading so many blog posts about how good the quality is and how they have become skincare staples for beauty bloggers.

I decided to pick up their ‘clearly youthful’ day and night serums. These serums promise to hydrate and reform your skin keeping blemishes at bay – exactly what my skin needs. I always tend to break out once it gets colder, so anything that can prevent this from happening is always a winner in my book.


(L-R) Clearly Youthful day and night serum – packaging 

 The day serum states to help ‘firm and plump the skin’. It comes in a really cute white and pink bottle which a pump applicator. The applicator pump dispenses the perfect amount of product to apply to my face and neck. I then apply my Nivea moisturiser over the top before my foundation, OR for work I put on my tinted moisturiser.


Clearly Youthful Hydrating day serum – product and packaging

The day serum has really helped my skin throughout the day. My makeup has lasted longer and there have been no dry patches of foundation on my skin as the day goes by. I have found that my skin is much smoother and plumper too. I have less pigmentation and my skin has not broken out once, even when it has been that time of the month! – RESULT. I also feel like my skin has more bounce to it, and a bit more of a glow. I hate applying makeup on to tired skin so the serum has really helped wake my skin up!

The night serum is even more concentrated. This serum is made to even out skin tone by minimising the appearance of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. The packaging is really cute again, but unlike the day serum pump applicator this time you have a pipette! This helps you use a smaller amount of product – which is more runny in texture, but goes just as far on your face and neck.


Clearly Youth night serum – product and packaging

Instantly after taking my make up off I use this serum and then moisturise. I feel like my skin is really plumped and super smooth and I feel like I have just done a face mask or a face peel!. The night serum has managed to control my oily T-zone too. I always tend to wake up with oil patches on my nose, and this doesn’t happen anymore! I think my skin is finally hydrated for long enough throughout the night, so my skin has balanced its self.

Out of the day and night serum I think that the night serum has done more for my skin, but when both used repeatedly together you get good results.

I was a bit sceptical when I started using these serums. I thought for such a low price the quality and effectiveness of what the product promised would not be guaranteed. I also thought that a drug store own brand would not live up to the same high quality as a big skincare brand such a Clarins or Liz Earle to name a couple. I was so wrong. Now I can’t go a day without applying these serums – they really have become one of my favourite skin care products. I should also note that I have very sensitive skin; therefore I thought that the serums would cause my skin to flare up or become irritated – this has not happened! – WINNER.


I would recommend these products to women in their 20’s where your skin is a touch older and you need a bit of plumping! OR I would recommend to anyone with dry skin – this will become your magic cream.

I now want to try more of the Superdrug own brand skincare in order to see if any of the other products are just as good! – Have you tried any of their products? Did you enjoy using them? I think the glycolic face peel looks very interesting!

Let me know what you think in my comments, on Twitter or on my Instagram! I love hearing from you all,

lots of love,

thebeautyanalyst x


  1. letsgetthisparteastarted October 28, 2016 / 1:20 pm

    I cannot thank you enough for this, my skin is so bad at the moment and I love superdrug products so I am definitely going to try this out!

    • thebeautyanalystblog October 28, 2016 / 2:47 pm

      Ahhh that’s okay beaut! I hope they work for you I think they are amazing!! Xxxxx

  2. Katie November 3, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    I’ve tried the vitamin E skin oil and that was an absolute dream! Defo one to try if you haven’t already. I haven’t heard much about the rest of their skincare, but now I want these. Good to know there’s affordable ones out there too!


    • thebeautyanalystblog November 3, 2016 / 7:29 pm

      Hi Katie, thanks so much for reading. The skin oil sounds amazing think i might have to have a search and try it out! I was so surprised that their skincare is so good! xxxx

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