January Blues Giveaway: MAC Mariah Carey DREAMLOVER Lip Gloss!

Hello beauts!
The festivities are over and the reality of January has finally hit. Everyone has gone back to work/uni/school and life is a bit too normal once again. As a result of this doom and gloom I have decided to bring some happiness to you all in the form of a giveaway to blow away those January blues!
macdreamlovergiveaway0116-3Included in my giveaway is a MAC by Mariah Carey ‘Lip Glass’ Lip Gloss in ‘DREAMLOVER’. I got this lip gloss for Christmas and fell in love with it instantly. I then decided to purchase another as I thought it would be great for one of you to enjoy too! It’s now sold out everywhere so my giveaway is the only place you can get one now!

I love Mariah Carey, she was an essential part of life when I was growing up in the 90’s. Dream Lover is in fact one of my favourite songs —> click HERE to listen and watch the music video. I’ve got so many home videos of my dancing to this song with my Mum and therefore I knew when I saw the name of this lip gloss that I had to have it, and include in my giveaway!

This lip gloss is super shimmery just like the beautiful glitter case it’s held in. The shade has pale rose gold finish. I love to wear lip gloss. Especially on days where I have my hair in a high pony tail or messy bun, I think a gloss looks really classy and makes your lips look so sassy!


It’s quite simple really…

1. You need to be FOLLOWING ME on my Twitter which you can find —> HERE.
2. You need to RETWEET my pinned tweet – I won’t count any quoted tweets or a retweet of a tweet which is not my pinned one!
3. You have to be a UK resident with a UK postcode!

That’s it! This giveaway will run for the rest of January and will close at 22:00pm on the 31/01/2017. I will then let the winner know by DM on the 01/02/2017.

I am hoping to do another giveaway soon – so keep those eyes peeled on my Twitter and Instagram. I am also thinking of making the next one an International giveaway too, so let me know if you would be interested in that too please?!

Good Luck!

The Beauty Analyst x


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