Cellular Radiance skincare range from Nivea 

Last month I turned the grand old age of 24. I don’t feel too old but my skin has reached a point where it’s starting to tell me it needs a bit more TLC. I am a big believer of looking after your skin and I’m always up for trying new skin care, especially skincare from Nivea! Nivea Cellular Radiance Skincare-09

I was contacted by Nivea to see if I wanted to try out their new cellular radiance skincare range. I have tried a few of their products such as the creme care range (read HERE) and love the brand. All of their skincare works for me and never irritates my skin. I was really intrigued to see that they had released a brand new range.

The main idea around this range is to give radiance and a dewy look to the skin. This is something that has become more popular recently as more natural, fresh, and glowing skin and make up looks are favoured over matte looks. Ingredients such as Magnolia extract help hide skin imperfections to give one even skin tone and improve skin cell regeneration!

I was sent two products by Nivea to try. One was the ‘Cellular Radiance Skin Perfecting Fluid SPF15’ which you use every morning. The other was the ‘Cellular Radiance overnight essence/serum’ which you use every evening.

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skincare-01

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skin Perfecting Fluid and Overnight serum (packaging)

Skin Perfecting Fluid SPF15
This has to be my favourite of the two products that Nivea sent me from this range. The skin perfecting fluid has transformed my morning skincare routine to make my skin look radiant, fresh and dewy. I love that you can either use it on its own or after you have used a moisturiser to brighten the skin. I tend to use it on its own to stop any excess oil in my t-zone. This does not work as a primer though so I always apply one over the top!

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skincare-03

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skin Perfecting Fluid SPF15

The great thing about this product is the dispenser pump. This allows you to control the amount of product that you need instead of squirting a lot out at once! The product itself is silver and white – almost luminous which is so nice! The products scent is also really natural and not strong at all. I use about a pea size amount (as shown below) on my whole face and neck. Instantly my skin glows (not in an oily way) and small imperfections such as dark circles are blended away!

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skincare-04

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skin Perfecting Fluid SPF15

I also think its great that this product includes SPF15. It protects your skin and covers imperfections – what more is there to love about it?. The bottle size is also 40ml – perfect for throwing in your handbag for the airport as it will get through and onto the plane in a breeze, ready for you to carry on using it in any location!

Overnight Serum/Essence
I love using serums in my night time skincare routine. More recently there has been the introduction of skin ‘essences’ – something I really wanted to try and use on my own skin as they just sound so luxury and hydrating for the skin. The Nivea Cellular Radiance Overnight Serum has really helped to hydrate my skin and keep it from breaking out.

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skincare-05

Nivea Cellular Radiance Overnight Serum

This serum also helps with bluring skin imperfections and making your skin look radiant in the morning. I really think that this serum has helped with blurring the pores I have on my t-zone and hydrating my face and neck. I use a small amount of serum (again a pump dispenser is so useful and doesn’t let you waste product) and use it every night after cleansing my skin all over my face and neck.

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skincare-06

Nivea Cellular Radiance Overnight Serum

The consistency of this product is quite thin and gel like. I love this in a serum as I feel like its creates a film over the skin to lock in moisture. This product is also effective at reducing wrinkles – something that hasn’t found me yet but sure will do soon! The scent of the night cream is also very natural and similar to the skin perfecting fluid; it isn’t very strong so you can apply and fall straight to sleep!

Both of these products are from Nivea’s more premium drugstore skin care range, so they are priced at £15 each. I do think this is quite pricey for this brand however you only need a small amount of product so a little bit of money certainly goes along way! I always think its best to invest in decent skincare that works for you too, I spend a bit too much on make up – so I should spend the same on skincare to ensure my make up looks it’s absolute best! Currently in Boots all of the Cellular range is selling for £10 on offer so go grab them to try them out whilst you can!

Nivea Cellular Radiance Skincare-08

I have been trying these products out for just over a month to make sure I could give an honest review for you! Both products have worked wonders on my skin and have really made it look so much healthier and radiant. Even on the days when I’ve been really stressed and tired with my everyday working life my skin has still looked revived and ready for the day! Do you like Nivea Skincare? – whats your favourite?

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Lots of love,

The Beauty Analyst x

— Thanks to Nivea for posting me these two sample products to review — (not paid for). —

Other Nivea Posts: Note most products I have purchased myself & and have not been gifted! x


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