7 things I’ve learned in my first year of blogging

I cant believe it – This month my blog is officially a year old! Never did I think i’d love being a blogger this much or think i’d be this obsessed with blogging a year ago. Reflecting on this past year I’ve thought of a lot of things I’ve learned and almost wish i’d known before I began my blog.

Here are my 7 things I’ve learned in my first year of blogging:

1. I made the right decision to by a domain / website when I first started my blog.
I thought everyone with a blog had there own website that they purchased so the first thing I did was bought my own website – https://thebeautyanalyst.net/. I now realise that I didn’t have to do that as I could have just been hosted by wordpress! After reading so many bloggers tweets saying they wish they had been self hosted from the beginning has been comforting to me! Not bad either for £20 a year – I would totally recommend it!

2. Becoming a lifestyle as well as beauty blogger was a good decision
In October 2016 I wanted to do a few more blog posts about things to do in autumn, lots of fancy dress ideas for Halloween and other lifestyle related posts for winter. I was worried that I would be judged for changing the style of my blog after being a beauty blogger for a while.

I received so much positive feedback from these posts so I thought I’d carry on. I now class myself as a beauty and lifestyle blogger and I love it! The main focus of my blog is to make people feel even more beautiful than they already are; whether that be recommending beauty or helping them experience beautiful things in life!

3. Social Media is your best friend and worst enemy – & don’t worry about total followers!
I find myself on my blog Twitter or Instagram every day of the week. I am really proud of how much of a twitter following I have achieved in my first year of blogging but also I try not to worry about followers and if people unfollow me. Its not personal, people just fancy a change and don’t want to follow you anymore – I’ve learned to let it go!

My Instagram is now starting to get followers, but I’ve learned that its hard work and something you have to plan and prepare more than Twitter. You have to post at least every day and use the right hashtags to let as many people see your posts. I have really seen such a difference in my photography skills since I made a proper go at Instagram, so I’m really proud of myself.

I wish someone had told me when I started my blog that you all of a sudden become obsessed with social media. Sometimes this annoys me as I find myself constantly on my phone and not very ‘present’ in my own life. I have had so many lovely experiences on social media though so I have no regrets!

4. Other bloggers are INCREDIBLE!
The blogging community is probably the main reason why I have maintained my blog in my first year.

Bloggers whether that be food/fashion/lifestyle/beauty/MH/cultural/travel  or other bloggers are such nice people and are all so supportive in every way. Bloggers comment on your blog, offer great advice on things such as photography and post ideas, and they all look after you and make sure your OK. There has been so many times where I’ve tweeted saying I’ve had a stressful day or a bad day and someone sends me a DM or tweet to check if I’m okay and cheer me up.

I have made some great blogger friends and will hopefully get to meet up with them in my second year of blogging.

5. Balancing blogging and a full time job is challenging!
As you know my day job as an analyst is very hard! I work in a high pressured environment having to deal with numbers and statistics everyday. There are so many days where I have been sat at my desk for hours and when I get in the last thing I want to do is go on another laptop and blog!

When I first started blogging I was posting pretty much everyday and I couldn’t balance it with work. This got fewer and fewer to now where I do one post a week. I am so happy with this as I find I can put more effort into my blog as I set aside time to do it and enjoy doing it. The only downside of this is that I get fewer readers of my blog as there is less new content. Hopefully in the future things will change but for now at the end of my first year of blogging I’ve found my comfort level and I love it!

6. Its an amazing feeling when a brand contacts you to work with them!
I can’t describe the amount of pride and happiness I felt when I was contacted by a PR team to review some soaps by ‘The English Soap Company’ – read HERE. I thought it was amazing that someone wanted little old me to review something for them and that they thought my blog and writing was of a high enough standard. This made me extremely proud and has given me the confidence to work with other brands over my first year as a blogger.

It needs to be noted blogging isn’t all about free stuff or paid reviews – I blog because I love to share my advice, opinions and guidance on certain products and events with you. I feel very grateful when a brand contacts me but I now know that this happens very rarely and I certainly don’t take it for granted.

Also I love to see other bloggers working with big brands. It inspires me to work hard and keep my dream to work with one of those brands one day.  Blogger deserves it for all their hard work and dedication so send them some love!

7. It has been a good decision to not let my friends know about my blog yet.
I decided when I first began my blog that only my family and my boyfriend would know about it. I still haven’t told my friends and don’t really want to yet as the time still isn’t right for me. I think they would be 100% supportive but I really love that my blog is just for myself and no one else.

I can be 100% me and blog about what I want, when I want . I haven’t included pictures of me yet in my blog but I plan on doing in the future so you can all see my own make up looks, outfits, holiday pics and me enjoying my everyday life!

I hope this post is helpful to you if you have just started blogging, or if you just fancied a read of what my first year of blogging has been like then I hope you enjoyed this post!

Here’s to another year of blogging

The Beauty Analyst x


  1. kaworldoscope July 19, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    Lovely Post and very inspiring. Keep on going that way. 😍🖒

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