How to have a perfect City Break in ROME

I am officially taking you to Rome in this blog post with my full guide of where to stay, places to visit, the best food and drink, and how to have the most AMAZING time in Rome.
Rome Guide -11
As you have probably seen from my Instagram I visited Rome on the 31st of May for 3 nights with my lovely then boyfriend and now FIANCÉ as he proposed to me right bang in front of the beautiful Trevi Fountain!. We wanted to see everything but had such a short amount of time to do it all.

I thought I’d structure this post by listing everything we did on each day so you can see what we did and how much you can actually cram into one day as well as having some time to chill out and embrace the city of Rome!

Before we start this is where we stayed – DESEO Home hotel. It was really central (20 mins walk to the Trevi and 30 mins walk to the Colosseum) and we loved it! They even did this amazing chocolate chip shortbread cake on the breakfast buffet which definitely sets you up for a day of exploring! The hotel was cheap, clean, and all the staff were so friendly! I would stay here again for sure and totally recommend to anyone!

Deseo Home Hotel Rome

Day 1 – Arrival at Midday from airport. Visit Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo and Via Del Corso

Check in, unpack, freshen up and then go and explore! 

TIP 1 – get a decent map – our hotel provided us with one and it was a LIFESAVER! Roman streets are so windy and narrow, you can get lost very easily but embrace it as you walk past beautiful cafes and restaurants.

Head over to the Spanish Steps, you will get such a good view of Rome as they are on one of Romes 7 hills! The steps are so beautiful all lined with flowers with a large fountain at the bottom. You can sit on the steps but you can’t eat or drink, therefore we decided to wander and grab our first gelato eat this point, we then took a seat looking up at the steps and enjoyed the atmosphere and sunshine!

Spanish Steps Rome

Along the bottom of the steps there is a long road of shops (Via del Babuino) which are all designer and there is a huge Sephora too! Here is the time to take in the city and culture of Rome around you and window shop!

Spanish Steps Rome

At the bottom of the steps (with them behind you) take a right and follow the string of shops to the end. You will come to Piazza del Popolo! This square is absolutely massive and the perfect place to chill out and people watch if you’re a touch tired. We walked up to the gardens that over look the piazza too – here you get an amazing view of the rooftops of Rome right over to the Vatican! We then went back down to the piazza and walked back to the hotel, stopping off on the way for a few drinks down little side streets! 

Piazza del Popolo Rome

Day 1 of exploring is over, this is the perfect day that’s not too full on. You can get your bearings, embrace the culture and have some time for yourself. – perfect! Now pretty much every street has a restaurant on in Rome and our hotel had LOADS dotted around it so go and find one and have the most perfect meal thinking you are in lady and the tramp!

TIP 2 – All restaurants offer a lovely Italian feast but watch out for prices – all prices are similar to meals you’d pay for in central London. Drinks are cheaper though so I had a few glasses of prossecco every night! Tipping is the same as what you would tip in the UK (10%). 

 Day 2: The Vatican, Piazza Novona, Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain. 

Today is the day you wake up early, eat breakfast, and then put your comfy shoes on and explore Rome!

The Vatican City is out of central Rome and is a bit of a walk to get to, therefore we decided to catch the metro in the morning to the Vatican and then walk back into Rome after to see the other sights. The Metro is the same as the London Underground but with less lines to navigate, it took us 6 stops to reach the ‘Cirpro Musei Vaticani’ stop. The Metro ticket was €1.50 euro per person and lasts 100 minutes from the time you first use it – perfect if you want to travel around throughout the morning!

Metro Rome

Tip 3 – You have to get Metro and Bus tickets from a tobacco shop – these are pretty much everywhere and are just a tiny newsagents. 

We decided to book the Vatican Museum before we went to Rome – this was such a great idea, we got straight into the Museum and didn’t have to wait at all, there were hundreds of people queing to get in and we walked passed them all! We booked them on the official Vatican website and they were £24 each. This doesn’t include the tour of St Peters Basilica which is on the other side of the Vatican city. This museum includes the Sistine Chapel and plenty of  Roman, Egyptian and Catholic artefacts – we were in there for over 2 hours – its totally worth the money and visit.

After the Museum walk round to St Peter’s Square and take in the size and beauty of St Peter’s Basilica – the worlds biggest church. We took soo many photos here. There were large ques to get into the Basilica so we decided to give it a miss, but we will definitely do this when we return to Rome in the future.

St Peters Basillica

After the Vatican City make your way back into Rome past the Castle Saint Angelo and over the River Tiber back into Rome.

Head over to Piazza Novona – one of my favourite and most picturesque places in Rome. This square is surrounded by little restaurants and bars with a huge fountain in the centre. A Pint of beer is €10 euros a pint but its totally worth sitting in the front of the bar for an hour and taking in the square.

Rome Guide -08

Piazza Novona

Round the corner from the Piazza is the Pantheon. A huge converted church that is dedicated the Roman Gods. This place is breath taking and really like stepping back in time. Its completely free to enter the Pantheon. Its basically just like walking into a church!

Rome Guide -09

The Pantheon

After the Pantheon the best thing to do is grab some gelato and make your way back to the hotel for a rest before you head off to the Trevi at dusk! We ate gelato every day in Rome and it was some of the tastiest i’ve ever had.


So you’ve been back to the hotel and are ready to take a lovely evening stroll down to the Trevi Fountain to go and embrace it in all its beautiful glory. This is the time I had no idea what was about to happen and was about to have the best moment of my whole life and get proposed to! When approaching the Trevi you hear it before you see it, so don’t worry you’ll know when you are close. People say its really hard to find… its really not you just stumble across it as you can access it from every side!

Rome Guide -11

Trevi Fountain Rome

The Trevi is so beautiful, especially in the evening when its all lit up. Its a lovely place to grab a selfie, sit, and be mesmerised by the fountain or in my case get proposed to. Be aware that there are thousands of people taking photos and visiting the fountain too. Just be patient you’ll get your perfect photo, then sit round the right side of the fountain – its quieter and much more romantic.

Rome Guide -12

Don’t forget to make a wish!

Don’t forget to toss a coin into the fountain and make a wish. To let you in on a secret – my wish was ‘I hope my boyfriend proposes to me this year’ and my boyfriends wish was ‘ I hope she says yes’. Both our wishes came true 5 minutes later.

The best thing to do after visiting the Trevi Fountain is to get something to eat and drink. We decided to have pasta and prossecco on this night in a little restaurant near out hotel on ‘Via Castelfidaro’ to celebrate our engagement and it was INCREDIBLE.

Rome Guide -15

Pasta Pomodoro – before the mountain of Parmesan!

Day 3 – The Colosseum & Roman Forum

Ever since I was little and at school when you study the Roman Empire I have always wanted to go to the Colosseum. It really is worth a trip as it really won’t disappoint. Its located to the south of the city and is about a 20 minute walk from the Trevi Fountain. We decided to walk from our hotel which took 30 minutes but this allowed us to see other parts of Rome that you wouldn’t usually explore – i’d definitely recommend the walk as you get to go off the beaten track!

As soon as you arrive at the Colosseum your breath is taken away. You have to walk down to it and right round the other side to get into the main entrance to the building. Obviously thousands of people are visiting everyday so once again we decided to order our tickets online – HERE. The tickets were about £10 each and included access to the Colosseum. If you wanted a tour then expect to pay a bit more! The ticket also gets you access to the Roman Forum and Palentine Hill. All together this will take up most of your day exploring so not bad for a great price!

Rome Guide -14

The Colosseum – Rome

As you can see from my pictures everyday was sunny when we visited Rome in late May – however it did get very hot around midday (29/30 degree’s) so make sure you carry some sun cream and take a hat as there isn’t much shade!

TIP 4 – DO NOT BUY BOTTLED WATER. Take an empty sports bottle to Rome with you in your case as there are over 1,000 fresh water fountains in Rome that you can drink from (no the water won’t hurt you). We did this everyday and it saved us so much money. The water was so cold and refreshing – there are even water fountains in the Colosseum! – note the water fountains you cant drink from have a little note on the top of them so don’t worry!  

The Colosseum is really a must see in Rome – its so huge and amazing to think how many people used to visit and the events that happend so long ago! You can take as little or as long as you like in there once your in, however it tends to shut around 2pm for a few hours so make sure you go in the morning or late afternoon!

Rome Guide -16

After all that history its time to grab a bite to eat! There are little Italian deli’s on every street and some of them are just dedicated to pizza!. You just have to walk in, see what takes your fancy and then order a few slices. We ate pizza for lunch everyday (when in Rome ay?) and it cost us about 3.50 euros each with a drink. My favourite was from a little deli just up from the Colosseum on ‘Via dei S.S Quattro’.

Rome Guide -13

Pizza by the Colosseum

I really think that 3 days in Rome is enough to see all the main sites whilst still taking in the city and the culture. I wish we could have stayed a few days longer to take it at a slower pace, but 1. Its quite expensive and 2. Our feet couldn’t take much more walking!!

After another night of eating and drinking Italian Food it was time to get back to the airport and back home. Rome Ciampino is actually really small with about 2 shops so get there about 2 hours before as its really quite boring waiting around! They also only had 1 cafe which was quite expensive so just eat before you make your airport journey!

I really hope that this blog post will help you manage to enjoy your holiday in Rome if you ever visit even if it just booking your tickets in advance for the big tourists spots it makes it so much easier!

Have you been to Rome before? What was your favourite tourist sight? Let me know on my Instagram or Twitter as id love to hear what you go up to in Rome too! I’ve also loved doing a travel style blog post so if you like it let me know and i’ll make an effort to do many more!


Happy Holidays,

The Beauty Analyst x


p.s these are my holiday snaps so please do not use them without my permission! xo.




  1. Brooke Nicole Clarke July 4, 2017 / 7:46 am

    Oh my god! I could look at these all day! It looks amazing! I’ve never been, but think I’ve found my next holiday destination! xx

  2. coffeeandcoats July 4, 2017 / 7:52 am

    Congratulations on your engagement!! What a beautiful location for it! Such gorgeous photos, I’ve always wanted to go since watching the Lizzie McGuire movie haha! X

    • thebeautyanalystblog
      July 4, 2017 / 7:57 am

      Oh yes so many times I thought i was in that movie haha 😂 thank you beaut and thanks for reading xxxx

  3. Viola (@violahelen_) July 4, 2017 / 8:01 pm

    Your trip to Rome looks divine, and congratulations on the engagement! The Trevi Fountain is such a beautiful and picturesque place, I’m sure it was just as dreamy as I’m imagining. Italy is probably my favourite country – the food (especially the gelato) is insane, and the sites are just stunning. Great post!
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola

    • thebeautyanalystblog
      July 4, 2017 / 9:16 pm

      Hi Viola! Thanks so much for reading and for your lovely comment 💗 I really need to travel the whole of Italy now as it was so amazing! I’m constantly craving gelato now xxxx

  4. anoceanglimmer August 18, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    This takes me back to when I was in Rome! I miss it soo much, I will agree that you just can not do it all in three days! I spent three days in Rome, two in Florence and two in Venice. I would definitely go back and maybe even see the Pantheon and the other small landmarks. Your hotel room looked gorgeous!

    Gemma |

      • anoceanglimmer August 23, 2017 / 8:09 am

        Same here! I said to the partner I would definitely go to Italy again, just different places

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