Autumn Skin care Releases from Nivea – Q10PLUSC Range

It’s officially Autumn. Its getting much colder and I’ve just started researching which coat I would like to get for winter 2017! Life has also become much busier for me recently. I’ve taken up netball, got a promotion at work, and I’m finding that I’m becoming a whole lot busier every day. Due to this lifestyle change I need a new skin care routine that can hydrate my skin and make me look like I’ve had a full 12 hours of sleep when I’ve only had 5/6. Nivea’s new Q10PLUSC product range aims to supercharge the skin overnight and throughout the day to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy event when you might be lagging!

The new Q10PLUSC (Q10 formula and Vitamin C) range from Nivea includes 3 skin care moisturising products to keep your skin looking healthy 24 hours a day. The three include a Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye cream. I have tried and tested these 3 products every day and night for the last 3 weeks and can say they are really helping the feel and appearance of my skin.

Anti-wrinkle + Energy Day Cream

The day cream from this range is my favourite. If you have read my blog for a while then you’ll know that I always use the daily essentials day creams from Nivea. They are affordable, great quality and great for sensitive skin. Therefore when I tried the day cream from the Q10PLUSC range I had high expectations. I prefer the packaging of this cream being in a pot instead of a tube as you get more control of the product for application.


The day cream has a light citrus smell and really is really fast drying and non greasy on the skin. The day cream also has SPF15, Q10 formula to alleviate wrinkles and fine lines, and Vitamin C to decrease signs of fatigue and keep the skin looking fresh and energised.

Anti-wrinkle + Energy skin sleep cream

The sleep cream within the Q10PLUSC collection is purpose-built to make sure you look well rested after any amount of sleep. A very small amount of the cream when applied makes your skin feel so hydrated ready for the day. Even when you have had little sleep before work or a few too many cocktails the night before this cream honestly makes you look like you’ve had your 12 hours. I have been really impressed by this product.


The only down side to the sleep cream is the packaging. You have to squeeze the product through a nozzle – this is fine but the pressure inside the tube is odd and the product never stops coming out! I also don’t really like the toothpaste kind of packaging and would much prefer a pot like the day cream. Besides this I’ve got on with the product as it is so great and have got used to this little niggle now.

Anti-wrinkle +Energy Eye cream

Now you all know my number 1 favourite eye cream is the Simple Skincare eye cream. The Nivea Q10PLUSC eye cream is certainly climbing up the ranks to first place, and I think this will be my winter eye cream. I only apply eye cream at night-time after I have removed my make up, after serum, and before I apply a night cream. This one is a lot thicker and balm like in consistency which I have found much more moisturising and gentle on my eye area. I think this eye cream makes my eyes look much more awake and reduces bags, however the simple one reduces greyness and tiredness from my under eyes.


Again the packaging is a replicate of the night cream so It’s not one of my favourites. On the other hand you only need the smallest amount of eye cream, therefore the nozzle works fine for this particular product!


I have really enjoyed testing out this range and I’m going to continue to use it probably until the end of the year easily! It wouldn’t surprise me if I re-purchased the lot when I run out of it! I would definitely recommend this range to women in their early 20’s onwards. As this skin care is more concentrated and purposely built to tackle fatigue tiredness and wrinkles anyone who is younger than 20 will be fine using the daily essentials range!

Have you tried any Nivea skin care? Whats your favourite? let me know!! also make sure you are following my Twitter and Instagram as I want to be friends!



The Beauty Analyst xo


*Products sent to me by Nivea to test and potentially feature in a blog post. This post is not sponsored or paid for



  1. Hannah October 1, 2017 / 12:08 pm

    Ooo I like the sound of the sleep cream, hopefully it can work miracles for my skin in mornings when I’ve had next to no sleep!!

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