3Ina Cosmetics review- ALL EYES ON YOU Collection

3Ina Cosmetics ‘pronounced MEE-NAH’ is THE new beauty brand in the UK. Expect products to be affordable, high quality, & extremely pigmented. One of their mantra’s is that make-up should enhance rather than altar. This is exactly what you get from the new ‘ALL EYES ON YOU’ collection.

The ‘ALL EYES ON YOU’ collection includes a range of 12 duo eye shadows, 4 eye gels, 4 eyebrow kits , 4 eye shadow palettes, and 4 gel eye liners. 3Ina kindly sent me a few products from this collection to try & test and I have to say I am loving producing looks with each one of them.

Lets start with the packaging before I speak about any of the products. The classic monochrome design with a pop of colour is so classy and something that you rarely find with make-up nowadays. None of the products have any names, they are just numbered – similar to the brand Kiko. I think this is very modern and sometimes much easier to remember than a name.

3Ina Cosmetics Packaging

The ALL EYES ON YOU collection aims to help you create amazing and enhancing eye looks with functional, high quality products that all work together to get a polished finish. Lets start with the brows…

The Eyebrow Kit – (15.95)

The eyebrow kit comes in a sleek compact complete with mirror, mini tweezers, and 2 different angled brushes. You also have the choice of a wax and a powder to sculpt your brows. There are 4 eyebrow kits that range from blonde hair to black and they are really good quality. I was sent kit 402 – this is perfect for medium/dark brown hair.

3Ina Cosmetics All eyes on you collection – brow kit

I have used this kit a couple of times now and really like it. I don’t tend to use the wax in these palettes as I like to set my brows with Benefits Gimmie Brow, however I’ve tried the wax and it does keep those stray hairs in place. For the price you get a lot of product within this kit; and with the mirror and extra tools this is the perfect compact for on the go.

The Eye Gloss – (£9.95)

The eye gloss it’s quite a fun and quirky product which I have come to actually really like. I was sent the clear eye gloss (shade 500) however the other shades include a 2 pink shades and a purple. You can either wear this on its own or over the top of eye shadow to make it more of a dewy finish. The gel would actually look great over the top of a black eye shadow, or with glitter applied over the top for that super metallic finish.

3Ina Cosmetics All eyes on you collection – clear eye gel shade 500

The applicator is a small soft sponge dome that fills with the gel when the bottom of the tube is twisted, this allows you to really control the product when you apply it, allowing you to build up the product, or wipe the excess away. The only problem I have with this eye gel is that it is quite sticky when removing, so I tend to use an eye make up remover to get most of it removed from my lids, and then use a cleanser over the top.

The Duo Eyeshadow – (£10.95)

The duo eye shadows are the largest product range of the ‘ALL EYES ON YOU’ collection; – with 12 different duo’s there is really a shade for every look you can imagine. I was sent duo shadow 600 which is a beautiful brown and gold. In the middle the shadows have been mixed together in sort of marble pattern. I always apply my fluffy brush to this section of the product and then sweep it all over my lid for a gold and brown natural shimmer lid.

3Ina Cosmetics All eyes on you collection – duo shadow

3Ina Cosmetics All eyes on you collection – duo shadow packaging

I also love how the packaging reflects the shades inside the palette. Both shadows are very pigmented and can be worn alone or together, I also tend to wear a brown eyeliner with them to complete the eye look. The shadows are also long-lasting and don’t fade throughout the day. 3Ina also mention that wetting your eye shadow brushes before applying the shadows give a more intense finish.

The Gel Eyeliner (£9.95)

The gel eyeliner’s come in 4 different shades which include a black, brown, teal, and cobalt blue. I have shade 802 which is the teal eyeliner. I am yet to try this shade yet as I am still debating what kind of look to wear this shade with – any suggestions welcome! Although I may use this at Halloween.

3Ina Cosmetics All eyes on you collection – gel eyeliner

3Ina Cosmetics All eyes on you collection – gel eyeliner shade 802

3Ina state that this creamy eyeliner is highly pigmented, smudge and fade proof. I will provide an update on my social media once I have tried out this product so make sure you are following me on Twitter and Instagram to see how I get on!

I really think this brand is for anyone who wants to experiment with make up but who always wants great pigment in their products, and great quality and longevity for their money. Have you tried 3Ina cosmetics yet? I really love the brand and what they stand for. They are also cruelty free.

Hope you have a great day!


The Beauty Analyst xo

note* these are pr samples sent to me by 3Ina – this is not a sponsored post – all views are honest and my own xo.




  1. Clayaa October 6, 2017 / 10:41 am

    I’ve heard lots about this brand and they look so good! I really love the idea of the eye shadows blended together. Clare xxx | Clayaa.com

    • thebeautyanalystblog
      October 6, 2017 / 6:36 pm

      Thanks for your comment Clare! Yes they are really pretty shadows I would totally recommend xxxxx

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