How to start planning a wedding when you have no clue what to do.

I’m going to be a bride and I can’t quite believe it! I got engaged on the 1st June 2017 in Rome and it was the most magical day of my life. A funny memory of that day is me and my partner walking back to the hotel and saying to each other ‘oh my gosh we’ve now got to plan a wedding‘ and literally going into hysterical laughter because we were so clueless! I did a poll on my twitter recently about whether to add a bridal section to my blog and I got so many votes and tweets saying I definitely should. Welcome to a new chapter on my blog – documenting my weird and wonderful wedding journey for all those brides just like me that have no clue where to beginning planning a wedding.


Once you get engaged you’ll soon have an abundance of opinions rolling in from everyone about where is best to have a wedding, who to invite, what cake would be amazing, what dress shop is the best and so on. Honestly – ignore all of it. Have a sit down with your partner and work out what you would and wouldn’t like. Then only go to the people you trust the most and ask them for the advice.

Here’s what we have done in the first few months since getting engaged.

  1. Thinking about what year and what time of year we want to get married.
  2. Choosing where we would like to get married and if we would like a church/civil ceremony.
  3. Making our Guest list – do this on a day we’re your both happy as its very brutal.
  4. Begin to look at venues and maybe think about booking one on a date you’d prefer.
  5. Start to think about a budget £££.
  6. Open a pinterest account – click HERE to take a look at my current pin’s.
  7. Attend a wedding fair and take your partner – all men love cake so they will enjoy it all the cake tasters.
  8. Buy a wedding magazine – it looks lovely on a coffee table and has so many different ideas.

For my engagement present my mum bought me this beautiful wedding planner. It has been so helpful for just writing little notes down, prices and the folders inside even store little leaflets that I have picked up here and there from wedding fairs. The sections inside have really helped me get my head round what I need to plan and how we would like our day to look.

I would also really recommend the app Bridebook. It is so great for putting everything you need to do into perspective and actually tells you when you should book your photographer, or when to buy your dress. You simply pop in your wedding date and a budget and it says what month to do what, and works out an average cost for everything that’s realistic. We found this so helpful when setting a budget as I had no idea how much money we should be spending on flowers/cake/dresses or suits and this app really does it all for you!

Things that I still have no clue about whilst I’m planning my wedding:

  1. The final guest list – do you let people have +1’s or not?
  2. What flowers should we have?
  3. What is our final budget?
  4. Should your honeymoon be included in your wedding budget?
  5. What corkage really means.
  6. What should I decorate the chairs and tables with at my venue
  7. DIY wedding favours.
  8. How to make a save the date.
  9. Who is our best man and bridesmaids going to be?
  10. What do I want my hair/makeup/nails to be like on my wedding day.
  11. Should we book transport for guests?

If any of you have been brides, or have been to loads of weddings please leave me some help and advice in the comments section below – I’d really appreciate it as it can be so stressful planning a big day when you don’t really know what decisions to make and when!

I think I will do a monthly bridal post on my blog documenting my wedding planning, what to look for in a venue (we have booked ours now!) and so many other wedding bits and bobs that I find out on this journey. I’m so pleased so many of you wanted me to include this section on my blog as it will now be a great memory for me to have all of these posts to look back on and help others!

Hope you enjoy what’s to come as much as me!

The Beauty Analyst xo


I love reading your comments! xo

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