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At this time of year its sometimes too dark and too cold to have the motivation to go to the gym and do a workout. I’ve never been a gym bunny. Recently I have had a promotion at work and haven’t had the time to work out – that’s until I met the team from Results with Lucy at the South East Bloggers Club event. I was offered by the RWL team to trial a free 1 month subscription and I have fallen in love with working out at home.

Results with Lucy is aimed at any one who wants to get fit and who would either like to do it in the privacy of their own home or for those who want to squeeze in a workout most days that don’t have time to travel to the gym.

Over the past few years I have managed to lose 4 stone. This was through a change in diet and lifestyle but also through working out. When I started to lose weight I was using so many methods and websites to create a food plan, or work out. The Results with Lucy On Demand plan does this all for you! With several hundred videos and tonnes of recipe guides you really can’t go wrong when it comes to creating and organising a healthier lifestyle for yourself!

Results with Lucy workout video bank

Results with Lucy workout video bank

All of the workout video’s are really easy to browse through, select, and workout to. There is normally Lucy and Cecilia (Lucy’s personal trainer) who do the workout with you so you can follow them. Cecilia is great at giving advice and encouragement when you need it; and each move is explained properly before you go into it. I’ve done so many workout videos and dvd’s in the past where its all so rushed. Results with Lucy has been created exactly for the user so you feel like you can do the same workout over and over again and even on your own listening to music! There are also a variety of different guest trainers that appear on the video’s who all offer something different and more specific to some of the workouts.

Results with Lucy recipe page

As you know if you read my blog I have introduced a new Bridal section. I am also planning my wedding at the moment and to my surprise there is a whole bridal workout plan on RWL. The workouts include lots of full body work outs to make you look and feel a lot more confident for your wedding day.

I also absolutely love dance workouts. I’m obsessed with strictly so any workout that involves those kind of dance moves to keep fit is so up my street! You can do cha cha cha, salsa, charlston, and a variety of other latin themed dance workouts. I’ve even made my own Dance workout as part of my profile – its called ‘The Beauty Analyst – Dance’ so if you have a Results with Lucy account search for it as the work out I have created is a public one. I think this element is so good if you have a load of friends, you can all create you own workouts and share them between each other. Have you made any workouts? – let me know as i’d love to try it out!

Results with Lucy - The Beauty Analyst Dance workout

Results with Lucy – The Beauty Analyst Dance workout

The Beauty Analyst Dance workout contains a warm up, 3 dance workout videos and then a full stretch cool down. In total its about 50 minutes long and really makes you sweat and burn the calories. As its a dance workout you don’t feel like your having to work really hard as its also really fun. I have really seen a difference in my arms after this workout, they have toned up so much and my bingo wings are slowly going!

Along with the workouts Lucy has just included a brand new range of lifestyle videos called ‘With Self Love’. This an amazing idea that you can currently access for free. The programme contains 12 videos all to help ‘let go of worry, self-doubt and anxiety and instead become the person that you know you are inside‘. You also can download a booklet to fill in each days to monitor your thoughts and develop confidence and self esteem. I think mental health and anxiety are such concerning issues now for young teenagers and adults – Results with Lucy has clearly taken action for so many of their subscribers are within this age bracket creating an extended platform to help them which is really amazing. I will definitely be trying these out.

Results with Lucy - With Self Love plan

Results with Lucy – With Self Love plan

Most plans for Results with Lucy start at £14 a month. With the amount of workout videos, recipes, and now the ‘With Self Love’ programme I think that this is really good value for money. You also get emails with fitness tips, and get emails with the latest blog posts letting you know about new workouts and #realresults – where other RWL users share their stories of how they have changed their lifestyle and feel so much more confident.

Results with Lucy Home page

Results with Lucy Home page

What do you love to do to workout? Do you have any tips? If you need any tips on losing weight but keeping it off then read one of my lifestyle posts to see how I have managed to not put weight back on after losing it .  Winter is the perfect time of year to come home, thrash out a workout with Results with Lucy and then cook dinner and chill out for the evening. There is nothing more satisfying sitting down to watch Netflix when you know earlier you’ve done a really fun workout and have been active that day!

lots of love,

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