2018 Blogging Goals

Happy New Year Beauts!

Well I have to say it was so sad for me to see 2017 go – it was officially the best year of my life as I got engaged. I have read back through my previous 2017 goals post and want to do a round up before I go on to set my 2018 goals. Lets begin!

2018 Blogging Goals

Towards the end of last year I decided to take a break from my blog. I got a new promotion at work as a Senior Analyst and the winter pressures of the NHS kicked in causing long days at work on the laptop. When i got back all I wanted to do was be away from another computer screen so my blog was on pause for a while. Now its time to get back into the swing of things and getting back into doing what I love – helping people like you become even more beautiful than you already are! Also If you want to read more about my engagement (in ROME!) check out this post.

Reflecting on last year – 

Before I set my new goals for 2018 here are the 5 goals I set for last year – Read the full 2017 post here:

  1. Post every week with current and interesting beauty or lifestyle content.
  2. Sort out my Instagram game.
  3. Meet some bloggers!
  4. Get in touch with some brands.
  5. Improve my photography skills.

I think I achieved MOST of these goals in 2017 apart from the whole Instagram one as they stupidly changed the algorithm – however I did reach my goal of gaining 500 followers.  I now have 1,250 followers which I am happy with, and still love scrolling through Instagram. I also met some wonderful bloggers for the first time in November when I decided to bite the bullet and organise a bloggers brunch for all bloggers in Essex who just fancied meeting up and having a good old natter about all things blogging. It was actually a huge success, we now all speak frequently and have set up an Instagram pod! I am planning another early this year too – see #essexbloggers for updates on twitter and Instagram.

Looking towards the future – 

I have thought long and hard about my 2018 Blog goals and have decided to fit my goals around new additions to my blog that I hope to write about this year. I have come up with 4 goals this year which are more tailored and a bit more out of my comfort zone!

  1. Write posts all about my wedding planning journey – include posts that will actually help brides and not just generic posts about becoming a bride. 

Its official – I’m getting married in august 2019 and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING – FML. I have been loving reading so many bridal blogs getting ideas and tips for my own wedding so I thought id include these kind of posts on my own blog but about my own experiences, troubles and confusion of the wedding world. If there is anything you would like me write about let me know as I am well and truly living and breathing it as you can probably see from the pinterest board on my blog! Head over and check out my bridal posts after you have read this post and let me know what you think!

     2. Sort out my Instagram feed and start posting photos at least every other day again. 

Instagram is such a tough nut to crack at the moment but I can tell those who have succeed have put in so much hard work and effort to making their photos and theme look amazing. My favourite feed is actually Emily Rose from awhimsilcalrose you can tell she has put the work into her ‘whimsical’ pink theme and it shows.

3. Create more lifestyle posts about my career and tips to help get where you want to be in the workplace. 

I love my job and working in the NHS but you really have to try hard and work long days to get recognised and pick up the skills and experience needed to progress in your own role. I really like reading posts about how to get a promotion or how to get on with others in the workplace so I thought id have a go at doing this in a mini series of posts on my blog. Its also so hard to be a female in my role – so I’d love to write a post of how to get on as a woman in a male dominated industry! #girlboss

    4.  Continue working with brands to bring you recent and up to date content on my blog. 

I really don’t like reading posts about a product that has just come out as its clear its not been tried or tested – id rather a first impressions any day. I love working with brands and writing about new products that they have coming out or are coming out to let my readers know what products from their favourite brands are about to be released. I love writing about new make up and skincare so I really hope to do more of this again in 2018.

What are your 2018 goals or new years resolutions? I’d love to know – comment below or tweet me!

Hope all your dreams come true in 2018,

The Beauty Analyst x



  1. Emily Rose 🌸 (@awhimsicalrose) January 9, 2018 / 9:58 am

    These are such great goals Emma and I’m sure you will smash them! 💕 I also love reading wedding content (despite the fact I am definitely not getting married any time soon!)

    Hope to see you at the next #essexbloggers event

    Love Em xxx


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