A guide to booking your wedding venue

Last year we officially booked our wedding for August 2019! I can’t tell you how happy we are that we found the perfect venue for us both but it took a lot of trips, questions, and research to get to this point. I thought I’d put a bit of a guide together with general advice and quick questions to help choose a venue that’s perfect for you and your partner.

Wall of Flowers

In August 2019 I am getting married at Beeston Fields Walled Garden in Nottingham. This was the 8th venue we visited and we fell in love with it straightaway. It was a long, hard process but by the end we knew exactly the style of venue we wanted and what we needed the venue to include.

1. Be realistic with your budget £££

Don’t go looking at the most crazy ass show off venue with an off the scale budget if you just wont be able to afford it. One, it will upset you as they all look so amazing it will be like you are settling for second best. Two, sometimes there is such thing as ‘too much’ people who spend thousands on a wedding sometimes could have looked a bit better and found the same thing but just as cheap.

2. Have a rough idea of the total number of guests you’re going to invite

Give yourself a rough idea of guess numbers as this will enable you to get the most accurate quote for your wedding! If you think of it this way – a table of 10 people with a meal and drinks costs about £1000. Therefore if you don’t know some numbers you could do some damage to your budget in the long run. In all honestly couples who want to have a low-budget wedding – I hope for your sake you have a small family and hardly any friends. We have 100 people coming to our wedding and it’s getting very expensive!!

3. Have some idea of what year/month/season you’d like to get married

It’s quite normal nowadays that most couples wait at least 2 years to get married. This isn’t because they are saving it’s because everywhere is booked already! So many people are getting married venues get booked up! Definitely think of when you would like to get married and if you want a summer or winter wedding. Getting married mid-week is always cheaper but always consider that your guests will have to take annual leave for it. We also discovered that wedding venue open days/fairs always have extra freebie/on the day offers on when booking your venue to entice you in; therefore I would definitely recommend booking your wedding at one of these if you love the venue.

4. I know its your wedding but also think about your guests

When it comes to booking your venue still think about your guests. If you want to get married out in the countryside do you want somewhere that is close by to hotels that are a reasonable price for your guests to stay in or a fair priced taxi ride home? By thinking about this you keep your guests happy. They won’t be moaning about how far away it is and just be excited for you!

5. Do you want a ‘all in one’ or do you want to have your wedding ceremony elsewhere?

Myself and my partner are getting married in a church then travelling to our wedding venue. There are so many options nowadays to completely change-up you order of the day!. We could also get married in our wedding venue which was a great option B for us just in-case the church didn’t go according to plan!

10 quick questions to ask when visiting a venue that you probably don’t think to ask but wish you did!

  1. How much is a glass of wine/pint?
  2. What time can the DJ play music until?
  3. Do you cater for gluten-free/ vegan guests 
  4. Can you create your own bride and groom cocktail for the bar?
  5. Do you have overnight guest rooms?
  6. When can you set up the venue ready for the wedding?
  7. Are table cloths/cutlery/chairs included?
  8. What time of year do you recommend getting married at this venue?
  9. Does the price of the venue go up each year? (ours did by 5%)
  10. What is the minimum deposit to secure the venue? 


I hope this post has helped all your bride/grooms ‘to be’ take a step into the unknown when it comes to booking your venue. It’s such a lovely time and you both get discover what you really would like for your wedding. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourselves or argue as when you find the right venue its fate and you’ll both love it equally!

If you have any more questions about booking a wedding venue or finding a venue then feel free to comment me below on this post, tweet me or instagram message me and I’m happy to have a lil wedding chat!

I am now at that stage where I’m trying to plan how I want to decorate my venue – take a look at my pinterest board to see what I’m falling in love with!

Lots of Love,

The Beauty Analyst xo


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  1. Katie C February 7, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    Some really good advice here – especially the budget one! We knew we had a small budget so we were ruthless with our guest list, only 40 people. This meant we got a small venue that had lower prices because they had to attract people to book with them. Also gave us an excuse to decline a few guests that were suggested by other family members 😉

    • thebeautyanalystblog
      February 8, 2018 / 10:30 pm

      This is such a good idea! I wish we could have done this! And I know what you mean about suggestive members of the family 🙈 thanks for the comment xxxx

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