How to deal with the stress of planning a wedding

I’m pretty much in full wedding planning mode at the moment. I’ve booked my venue, church, photographer, and wedding DJ now!. The more I keep ticking off my list the longer it seems to get!. There is no doubt about it that planning a wedding is an extremely stressful experience. If you feel like your mind is going into overdrive I thought I’d include some tips  to help you feel a little more relaxed; and ready to deal with the stresses of planning a wedding!!

When it comes to planning my wedding I’ve followed the following objectives to keep it stress free!


You can’t control everything. While you may feel like you need total control over every aspect of your big day, there are inevitably going to be some aspects which are more important than others. You also need to stick to a budget (if you have one). Unfortunately the ice cream van for my guests is still a pipe dream!. Using social media also helps with prioritising.  I have found twitter polls really helpful when you need a decision or want to prioritise sometime. My last one was ‘do I need a photobooth at my wedding?’ which the majority of people voted ‘NO’ and made my decision pretty easy! Some of the biggest concerns include your dress (check out Fairytale Brides if you are still looking), the guest list, venue, food and entertainment. Once you have the more important aspects of the big day dealt with, the rest will start to fall into place and you can begin to take it easy for a bit. 


The biggest arguments about the wedding tend to happen with your partner or your parents, but many of them can be solved with better communication. I could talk about my wedding day in day out but my partner needs to be in the right mood otherwise he just gets annoyed with me and doesn’t want to go over ‘themes’ haha typical man. Ultimately, you should all sit down together to discuss what your expectations of the day are, your priorities and your budget. As you know as an analyst I love excel and a spreadsheet made it clear to myself and my partner on all the things we had to budget and everything we needed to do!

Have a back up plan

If something should go wrong on the big day, it is worth having a fall-back plan. One of the most common issues is the weather nor being kind to you.  Any outdoor activities need to come with a Plan B. It could be that you hire some gazebos/umbrellas to provide a cover if the heavens should open. You may need to have an alternative venue on standby to deal with the worst-case scenario. It is also good to check every contract you are signing. In particular something like the wedding photographer – here is mine btw. I know that my photographer will supply someone else if she can’t make it due to illness or something significant. It’s always good to have things like that ticked off as it keeps you sane!

Take Care of Yourself

From time to time, you need to step away from your wedding book to take part in some activities that take your mind off things. Exercise is a good one as it is very difficult to think about seating plans when you are gasping for breath at something like a spin class! or playing a team sport like netball! I play each week and just for a couple of hours I switch off from everything!. When you do get back to thinking about your wedding again, you become more eager to get stuff done! 

Don’t put your relationship on the back seat

Myself and my partner couldn’t be happier. Sometimes its nice not to talk about weddings and just have a chat about planning a holiday or time together to chill out. I sometimes worry that the wedding planning is putting a strain on your relationship. If they are i’d plan a date night in which talking about the wedding is off-limits. This will give you the time to reconnect and remember why you are actually getting married in the first place!

I still have another 18 months to go and I’m constantly reading blogs and magazines to help me – please share any knowledge with me or any advice! I’m still clueless about weddings but I seem to be cracking on and planning mine quite swiftly!


Hope you have a great week,

The Beauty Analyst xo


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