25 Things I have achieved before turning Twenty-Five

So on St Patrick’s day (17th March) I turn the grand old age of 25. It’s weird really as I think I’m really old now but really I’m still finding my way through this thing called adulthood. I thought I’d reflect on the last 25 years and see what I’ve achieved and document it in a blog post for myself and you lovely lot.

Hello 25 Balloons
In a very random order of what springs to mind first here are 25 things I have achieved before turning 25.

  1. Getting a degree.
  2. Working hard and becoming a senior analyst in the #NHS.
  3. Gaining a good work ethic from my parents and earning enough money to support myself. #independentwoman
  4. Meeting the love of my life.
  5. Getting engaged to the love of my life.
  6. Seeing and supporting my mum go through cancer.
  7. Raising money for Macmillan cancer support and Maggie’s cancer support centres in Nottingham.
  8. Going through loss and grief and coming out the other side a kinder and less materialistic person.
  9. Moving to a different city and starting a new life (Essex).
  10. Making new friends wherever I go.
  11. Passing my driving test and becoming independent with my own car.
  12. Learning to ride a bike – only just.
  13. Learning how to ski – which reminds me I need another ski holiday soon!
  14. Dealing with being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and trying to stay healthy.
  15. Losing 4 stone between the ages of 20 and 22 to become more healthy.
  16. Running 5k – a lot.
  17. I’ve never broken any bones in my body!
  18. Being a good friend and still having the best 13 girl friends that I’ve had since I was 6.
  19. Learning to dance and perform on stage at places such as London’s royal opera house.
  20. Presenting lectures at my old university on graduate careers.
  21. Seeing a lot of the world and knowing where I would like to go next.
  22. Being a good daughter and sister to my family.
  23. Trying to remain positive most of the time.
  24. Starting a blog and falling in love with the blogging world.
  25. Realising that your health is the most important thing you have in life.

That wasn’t too hard to list! It’s sometimes nice to reflect on what you’ve achieved – especially when you’ve had a crazy week at work like me where you feel up against it.

How old are you? what is your greatest achievement? I’d love to know xo

See you on the flip side of 25!

The Beauty Analyst xo



  1. LifeinLustre March 17, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    Love this Emma! Happy Birthday!
    You should be proud of what you have achieved by 25, there are some amazing achievements on your list! I’m just slightly older than you (cough 31 cough) and i think my greatest achievements are finding my husband and having the wedding and honeymoon of my dreams, getting my degree and owning my property as well as growing into a fairly decent human haha!
    have a lovely day xx

    • thebeautyanalystblog
      March 17, 2018 / 3:03 pm

      Ahhh thank you so much Hun! Amazing that you have had similar achievements to be and are happy and healthy! Lots of love xxxxx

I love reading your comments! xo

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