Mistakes brides always make when planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. How do you plan a wedding when you haven’t really been to one and have no clue where to start?! Once the question has been popped, it’s only natural to a little crazy trying to plan the perfect occasion. I have read so many guides and tips about how to make planning a wedding easier so you have most things covered.  However, despite our best efforts, there are numerous mistakes that brides make time and time again.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls and ensure that your wedding day and the run-up to it is as good as it can possibly be; here are a few common mistakes that you should try not to make:

Telling the World on Social Media

We got engaged in Rome and it was the best day ever. However it made it logistically harder to share our news with our loved ones! I remember calling my parents and brother and then messaging all the girls. I then had a sudden panic and told them all to not announce it as my partner actually wanted to be the one – and rightly so to share the news!. I would suggest that you don’t make the mistake of posting it BEFORE you’ve told your nearest and dearest the big news. My partner was just about to post it and I realised I hadn’t rang my grandparents! They probably wouldn’t have held a grudge, but they might be a bit put out that they had to find out on Facebook along with everyone else. Yes my grandma has Facebook. 

Not Putting Your Own Happiness First

The biggest mistake that brides make is not putting themselves and their bride or groom to be first. I have found it so hard when making decisions about our wedding  guest list, food, drink and entertainment.  You always have to think about what your guests might like not just yourself. I have tried to make sure that all the details are things that I like as they matter to no one else and are all about your styles and taste.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Now we have booked our venue and church I am going on pinterest everyday to search for wedding ideas. I actually thought about spending £1000 on table cloths that I thought would look amazing. Then one of my best friends made me have a reality check and stopped me going crazy!. I have been looking at so many different wedding favours and flower arrangements it’s a bit silly. I would recommend restricting yourself to couple of shops/websites and make a short list of the best wedding invitations or whatever, and then pick the ones you like the most. The more you delve into everything the more time you’ve spent on eBay looking if you can get the same version of everything you want but just half the price!

Getting the dress before you book anything for your wedding

I keep seeing so many bride to be’s that get their dress first out of everything. Why would you do that? I just don’t get it?!. Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to go dress shopping. But why buy an outfit 2 years before you are going to wear it. Fashion and trends change and sometimes brides don’t factor this in!. I guess if you have that one wedding dress in mind that you want to wear no matter what, go ahead and get it, but if you don’t have a particular dress in mind, don’t make this common bride’s mistake and purchase your dress before settling on a venue. 

Having a ridiculous gift list

We haven’t even thought about a wedding guest list / registry for our wedding yet. I can’t wait to plan it! We have a few things for our home already so we can’t really ask for the usual home ware items. We are planing to ask for honeymoon money I think. However, your guest are likely to be less understanding if you fill said registry with lots of totally over-the-top lavish items that few of them can really avoid.


Are you planning a wedding currently? How are you finding it I’d love to know and share advice!


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