The Beauty Analyst: I’ve chosen a garden wedding theme!

I’ve officially chosen the theme for my wedding and I’m so excited to tell you all about it! p.s isn’t my venue below so pretty?!

Some of you may know already that I’m getting married in summer 2019 at The Walled Garden Beeston Fields – Nottingham. We are crossing our fingers and toes that it will be a beautiful sunny day as the majority of our wedding celebrations takes place within a walled garden. I have therefore chosen a garden theme for my wedding! Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic, yet they present a few complexities and extra considerations in terms of planning!

I’ve had to take a few things into consideration when planning a wedding that takes place outside!

1.Have a backup plan

It does not matter if it has never rained on your wedding date historically for the past 20 years, you still need to plan for the chance that it could. Our food and bar is all in a huge marquee so if any thunderstorms kick off we do have some coverage and people wont get soaking wet. I am also thinking of buying lots of umbrellas though just in case!

2. Make sure your guests are comfortable with being outside

When hosting a garden wedding, you need to make sure that your guests are comfortable. I wanted somewhere that was outside but also offered lots of shade and places to escape the sun but still remain outside with everyone else. For example, if it is going to be incredibly hot, as well as our drinks on arrival we’ll hand out plenty of bottles of ice-cold water to all guests.

3. Make sure your wedding invites state that most of the wedding will be outside!

We are definitely telling our guests to bring their sunnies for the day and cardigans for the evening!  Our wedding invites are going to be the first thing that our guests experience with regards to our special day. I cant wait to see their reactions when then come into the gardens and get to explore them!


In terms of colour schemes I’m thinking about greens, whites and pale pinks. This board below from my pinterest is basically my current wedding vibes! I still want to do it on a budget however! I think I want to decorate the outside with large balloons as a lot of the garden will be out in full bloom so I don’t need as many flowers to decorate the space as you normally would.


Garden Wedding Theme Board

What would be your dream wedding theme? Now I finally know what I would like for my wedding I’m literally on pinterest everyday checking out what table decorations or flowers fit into my theme. If you have any recommendations let a girl know please!

Have a lovely day,

The Beauty Analyst xo


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 first picture – A Big Neon Glitter wedding photography 



  1. UK Wedding Cards December 29, 2018 / 11:18 am

    This garden decoration is nice and amazing. I love this garden theme wedding.

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