A guide to choosing your wedding photographer

I’ve finally booked my wedding photographer! This was such a huge hurdle to get over when planning my wedding. I even experienced my first wedding fail. I thought including my experience in a blog post would be really helpful for all of you brides and grooms to be.

As a blogger I thought it would be more helpful than normal when it came to photography. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foggiest idea about what to do!. I had attended a few wedding fairs and liked the style of really natural photos that captured everyone at the wedding; not just me and my partner.

This became hard when we tried to look for photographers. Before you begin searching I’d lookup the ‘style’ of photographer you want. From fine art, to documentary style there is something for everyone but you have to know what these styles include too.

You also have to think about budget. I didn’t have a clue how much the average wedding photographer costs. It is also really hard to find prices as usually you need to request a quote or enquire for your wedding day. I literally found this the most annoying thing ever and it stopped me from booking some photographers as I couldn’t see their price lists.

Here’s a list of 5 things to prepare yourself for when looking for and booking your wedding photographer:

  1. Book straightaway after your venue/church/registry. Most photographers get booked up 18 months to 2 years ahead so try to plan with plenty of time and make this a priority.
  2. Know your budget and stick to it. There are so many wedding photographers our there who will offer exactly what you need. I contacted over 15 photographers until I found mine!
  3. Consider in your budget whether you would like a video made or not for you wedding. Some photographers also offer this but for additional costs.
  4. Consider Travel costs for all photographers, most will include this in their final quote but depending on whether they are travelling from far away they may also need a hotel which is an added cost.
  5. You may need to feed your photographer – so make sure you have factored them into your catering budget!

I hope these tips help you feel a little bit prepared when it comes to booking your photographer – I wouldn’t have wanted you to have made any mistakes before the big day!

Wedding photos are often sentimental to each wedding couple so make sure you can have a personal touch with your photographer before the big day. Our lovely wedding photographer Alice Cunliffe Photography is perfect for us. We can face-time, email, or even meet up with her multiple times before the big day to discuss what kind of photo’s we would like. Here is her website – https://alicecunliffephotography.com/ if you are thinking of booking a photographer then I’d recommend Alice 100 times over. 

I hope this helps when it comes to planning and contacting photographers for your own wedding. Please share your tips below for other brides or if ask me any further questions if you have any!

Happy wedding planning,

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