How to make the most out of your wedding venue

I have had my wedding venue booked for a while now. My mind is forever changing thinking about all the different ways to decorate it; and make it look extra special for the big day. I have been looking at so many different ways to make the most out of my venue so thought I’d include it in a blog post.

Booking and searching for the perfect wedding venue is pretty hard. When it comes to the perfect place you also need it to include everything you might need for your big day.

Will it work with your theme?

Most people won’t use simple or regular buildings for their wedding. They will choose to have something older and more interesting. As I’m getting married in summer we decided on a marquee wedding and chose to do a garden theme. Read all about that post here for ideas!.  Having a bold location or somewhere that’s pretty quirky makes the venue more individual to you and enables you to really explore your theme. My wedding is taking place in a walled garden therefore a garden theme is very fitting!

What can the venue provide already?

When booking the venue make sure you know everything they can already provide. So many venues don’t even offer cutlery or chairs so you have to factor in costs of hiring them!. I would also check catering. If the venue recommends caterers this also comes with an added cost of labour. I think it’s always ideal if the venue itself provides the catering. It has provided me with a less stressful experience as I know all the staff and chefs know what’s going on!. Our venue offers extra’s like an ice cream cart or sweet trolley. This is so helpful for brides and grooms who want something extra but don’t want to be enquiring to yet another 20 suppliers for something.

What entertainment can you have at the venue?

Obviously the DJ for any wedding is essential. Make sure you check with your venue about what kind of entertainment you can have and whether they provide any themselves. We had to provide our DJ with a list of requirements for our venue’s ‘sound roof’. Some DJ’s have to finish early at venues (11pm) when the party is in full swing!. In most places bands or  live performers have to finish slightly earlier with a DJ afterwards to enable them to pack away and get sorted in plenty of time. Check what time the venue has to stop the party and if they can allow anything to overrun without being charged. Always check to see if there is enough room in your venue for other entertainment such as a casino table or photo booth.You can get small photo booth freestanding cameras like Booth Boy Photo Booth Hire. Or you can go crazy on pinterest like me and decide you want to make your own photo booth area!

Have you got any tips for making the most out of your venue? Let  me know as there is still so much to learn about all this wedding malarkey! Is there any other bridal/wedding posts that you would like me to create or explore? If so let me know and i’ll do my best to feature them on my blog.


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