Origins Super Spot Remover Review

Recently the change in weather, more stress at work; and the stresses of planning a wedding from a different city has made me break out. I am turning the chocolate bars and junk food more often and my skin really hasn’t appreciated it!. I’ve been on the hunt for a product that prevents breakouts or reduces them.

Origins Super Spot remover

I don’t really like to use cleansers and toners. I always get really into a skincare routine then suddenly get bored of it. We all need a product that’s easy to apply every morning and night with minimal effort. I think this product does just that for me.The Origins super spot remover is a blemish treatment gel that contains salicylic acid. This ingredient targets and tries to reduce blemishes by reducing them.

How to use

Apply a tiny amount onto your finger and then add it to your problem areas. Apply either once or twice everyday to get the maximum effect from the product. My main area for breakouts and spots is my chin – I have quite oily skin. The gel feels quite thick when it is applied and can be quite drying so I always apply a serum/moisturiser over the top when the gel is dry to touch.


After about 4 weeks of using this product I have fallen in love with it. When its ‘lady week’ – hehe I tend to get a big breakout but this time I haven’t had anything. Using this product every morning and night has made a huge difference to my skin. It has reduced redness, spots, scars, and oil and grease from my skin. My make up sits better on my skin and my skin definitely doesn’t feel oily anymore.

Price Point

This is the only downside to this product. For a mere 10ml of product (the worlds tiniest bottle) its £15.50. It was slightly disappointing when I collected mine from my local boots as I couldn’t even feel the box in the parcel at first!. I would recommend buying this product from Boots however as you can collect advantage points and take free click and collect!. Considering I’ve used this twice a day for over a month now I still have 3/4’s of the product left. A small amount of product really goes a long way!.

Origins Super Spot remover

Origins Super Spot remover

I would totally repurchase this product. Honestly… I believe its helped my skin so much and has covered up the signs of stress on my face. It is so easy to use and perfect to take in my make up bag on holiday or a night away. This is even the perfect product to apply on a long haul flight!

What is your favourite skincare for keeping breakouts away? Let me know as I love finding out all about new skincare! Please let me know if you can recommend any Origins products too – I want to try so many more of their products now!

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