What to consider when buying your wedding ring

It’s officially 15 months until my big day ! I am so excited. Planning is well underway now and have a spreadsheet currently totting up all the different elements of my wedding – including wedding rings. When choosing your wedding ring there are a lot of things you will want to consider. Here are the top things to think about before you buy your wedding ring. Ps the below image is a shot of my own engagement ring in case you wanted a nosy! 

Emma's Engagement Ring

Emma’s Engagement Ring

I’m really excited to go wedding ring shopping. This is because my partner picked my engagement ring by himself. All I frequently dropped in was ‘white gold’. I think my wedding ring will also be ‘white gold’ but my partners will be gold. We don’t actually like silver/white gold rings on grooms (no offence) and just don’t think it will suit him.


The main decision you will need to make before you even start looking for rings together is the money you are going to spend. Currently we have a budget of £900 for both but to be honest I think we won’t spend that much at all.  Striking the balance between price and quality can be hard, but the price really should be the main concern you have.


There are many different metals you can choose for your wedding ring, and a lot of the time you will want to choose a metal which matches that of your partner. You can choose silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and even titanium. Make sure that the metal you choose is strong enough, in the right style for you and that you both love it.


The traditional stone to get on your wedding ring is a diamond, you and you take a look online at stores like diamondexpert.com to get an idea of the type of diamonds you have on offer to you. However, you may choose not to have a stone at all and stick to a simple band which is also stunning. I keep flicking through ones with a bit of sparkle and plain wedding bands. I don’t think ill decide until the day we buy them knowing me! Not everyone likes diamonds, and there are tonnes of other gemstones you can choose for your rings such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, opal, topaz or even pearl. Just go with what you love and don’t worry about conforming to tradition.

Style of Ring

Honestly, there are too many styles for us to list on this post so we will just say that there are so many of choices out there for you. If you really want to impress and make a statement you can choose an engraved or studded piece with tiny diamonds throughout. My engagement ring is engraved with ‘forever’ with the ‘o’ filled with a diamond.


When it comes to choosing a ring you plan to wear for the rest of your life you need to take your lifestyle into account. If you are a doctor/nurse/work in the NHS then usually you can only have a plain wedding band for ease of hygiene and infection control. If you are an outdoorsy type and you love to adventure, a huge diamond might not be the best option for you. You need to pick a style which will fit in with your lifestyle and which will not get broken or lost! 

Let me know if you consider anything else when choosing your wedding ring! Also where is best to buy them from?!

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