How to keep the memories from your wedding day

OMG Its officially 12 months until I get married! I cant quiet believe the wedding is getting closer and closer, it seems like a lifetime ago since we got engaged and I still need to go out and get myself a wedding dress.When you’re planning your wedding, your main focus should be on making sure that you, your partner, and all of your guests have the best day. However, you’re going to want to take away some more tangible memories too. I have planned a few bits for my wedding day to capture memories of the day and I thought id share them with you.

Picture Frame Wedding Guest Book

Picture Frame Wedding Guest Book

Booking a Wedding Photographer

Sure, your loved ones might take a few snaps of major moments throughout the day themselves. But you should book a professional photographer if you want some truly beautiful shots. A professional photographer will be able to get high-quality, well-lit, well-staged shots of every aspect of the day. They won’t be distracted, and they will be dedicated to bringing you beautiful results. When booking a photographer, make sure to check out their photographer portfolio. I have chosen my wedding photographer already and I’m so happy with my choice. I would also say to make choosing your wedding photographer as a priority after booking your venue. So many get snapped it and it can become pretty stressful trying to find the right one! 

Capturing the day on video

I haven’t actually booked a videographer for my wedding. Unfortunately our budget will not stretch this far! I have set everyone the task of videoing as much of the day as they can and sending us their videos. This way I can put together all the videos of the day into one long one and see our day from our guests perspective. My Dad also has an old camcorder so hopefully he can wander around and get a few videos too!

Guest Books – Get creative!

Of course every wedding needs a guestbook!. I have got mine already from Aldi (see a picture at the top of this blog post). I chose a picture frame idea where all of our guests write their names on a love heart and slot it into the frame. This way we can keep the memories of everyone who attended our wedding and shared our special day with us!. Recently I have also seen ideas like getting a Polaroid camera and letting your guests take a selfie and then stick them into a scrapbook. 

Have you got any ideas for keeping memories of your wedding day? Let me know as I would love to use them for my own wedding!

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