Choosing the best Music for your wedding day

It party time! Wedding planning is so fun when you are planning the evening event. There are so many options for different wedding entertainment, music, and themes that you can get carried away!.  One area you can really have fun with when it comes to your wedding is the music. There are lots of different directions you can go so it’s easy to choose something that suits you and your partner. Here are some ideas!

Wall of Flowers

When it comes to the evening entertainment you can’t not have music?. This was a slight problem however when picking the type of music that we would have for our wedding. I love pop and chart music. My partner loves indie, rock music (they say opposites attract ha-ha).

Choir or Gospel Singer

I mean didn’t Meghan and Harry set the trend for the Gospel choir for all weddings to come?!. This would be something I would love to have at my church wedding ceremony. Currently this is on my wedding wish list as Gospel choirs are so expensive to book!.  I have been looking for so man local gospel singers and choirs. If you know any in Nottingham please let me know.


For our wedding venue we have chosen a fab DJ that were so helpful when booking. One of the reasons that we chose them was because of their online song request portal. This allows us to add the music we want as well as having all the cheesy standard wedding tunes! #comeoneileen. We have also added on our wedding invitations a section for guests to write their song request and then send back to us! We can then capture all of our guest favourites too!. When booking a DJ Some venues offer a DJ as part of their package, so if you wanted to keep things simple i would keep this in mind!

Live Band

A live band is a great way to set the tone and atmosphere for your wedding reception. You could book a local band that you love (or even a more well- known one if they’re available and you have enough money!). Alternatively you could go with something like The Smooth Criminals wedding band, if you find musicians that play for these kinds of occasions for a living they’ll be excellent at what they do and will be able to play most songs if you request this beforehand. My partner would love a band at our wedding but this is another item on our wish list! 

What kind of music would you have at your wedding if money was no object?!

Happy wedding planning – 362 days to go and counting for me!

The Beauty Analyst xo

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