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When it comes to planning your wedding day and everything which goes along with it, there is always a lot of excitement. My pinterest board is overloaded with wedding decor ideas for my  wedding day. I get my inspiration then  head over to amazon and ebay to see if i can recreate decorations for a fraction of the cost. I want to do some wedding crafting and DIY to save money and add personal touches to my wedding.

DIY Wedding Bunting

Heres a few of my ideas that im currently planning to do for my own wedding…

Make your own favours

Favours are often a thing which you only find out about when reading through your wedding ebook. It can be hard to decide what to give back to everyone who shares in your special day. One of the best ideas I’ve seen is a little magnet with a picture of your first ever Facebook profile picture!. That wouldnt work for all guests though as people like my grandad don’t have it hehe. You could give candles, make small trinkets bowls out of clay and even think about giving a packet of seeds for their garden. I have seen really small lace boxes on ebay that you can make yourself as they come in flat pack. I think i then want to put little chocolates inside each one.

Wedding invitations

The wedding invitations are perhaps one of the most exciting pieces you can make for the big day. You can give an insight into your theme and go to town with designs. I am also trying to learn calligraphy so I can write them all out lovely. I got this one for a fiver from Aldi!

Calligraphy set

Calligraphy set

Calligraphy set

Calligraphy set – aldi

Table centrepieces

One of the things which can be the biggest feature of a wedding hall is the centrepieces which go on the tables. There are lots of different things you can do when it comes to creating centrepieces  such as candle holders, vases and flowers which can be fun to make up and have on display. You can also think about adding photographs to the tables which can either represent the people who will be sitting at them or it can be to represent a favourite place of yours. There are so many ways you can make your tables look beautiful for your wedding and there are loads of great wedding decor ideas on Pinterest amongst other sites. 



You can also decorate your venue with candles, balloons, photos and so many other things!. Another wedding craft i have brought is my DIY bunting to hang around and outside our venue. I also picked this up from Aldi as its amazing! I am not going to start making it until just before the wedding.

DIY Wedding Bunting

DIY Wedding Bunting

DIY Wedding Bunting

DIY Wedding Bunting


Have you created or seen any beautiful wedding DIY or crafting? Let me know!

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