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I recently just got back from a lovely holiday in Crete! The weather was so beautiful and so was the scenery. We stayed in a place called Koutouloufari – about 40 mins away from the airport.  All of the little taverna’s, beaches, and shops were amazing to explore. I definitely recommend it to couples who want a beach/pool holiday. Those who enjoy wandering around and exploring little towns and villages will love it too.

Whilst I have been away and back in the Essex the weather has been so hot!. I have had to change-up my skin care routine to ensure my skin is protected, hydrated, and looking its best. I thought id go through my idea summer’s day along with a skin care routine to show you how easy it can be to adapt your skin care to everyday life.

Nivea skincare releases

Ive got some news

I AM AN AMBASSADOR FOR NIVEA!. I have mentioned their products in so many of my blog posts as they are so affordable and good quality. When I was asked to become part of the Nivea family I was so pleased. I have become part of their #perfectdaysofsummer campaign. Nivea are releasing so many new products.  I thought I’d share a few new ones with you whilst going over my perfect summers day.

My perfect summers day would be a morning cup of tea on my balcony of the flat with pastries for breakfast.  Followed by a trip into London with my partner and our friends. We’d somewhere out in the sunshine like RoofEAST in Stratford for drinks; followed by a BBQ back in Essex with my family.


The heat and humidity is not good for oily skin types. This has led me to have a really oily t-zone in a morning. I tend to get straight up and in the shower as its so hot!. In the shower I usually use a moisturising cleanser on my face and then another moisturising shower gel for my body. I love the shower gel from Nivea that smells of sun cream, or the soap and glory sugar crush citrus shower gel!. I also like to use an in shower moisturiser on my skin every day in this weather. Not only does it pro-long my tan but makes my legs look silky smooth if I wear a mini skirt or summer dress!

I think that my skin will also love the new Nivea matte daily moisturiser. It’s perfect for those with oily skin as its oil free and also helps to keep skin moisturised for 24 hours!

After my shower I apply the Nivea lip butter to my lips straight away, followed by a day cream with SPF. I’m using after sun at the moment as my body moisturiser but on a summer’s day when I know I’m going to be in the sun all day I’ll use a sun cream – preferably factor 30 as my skin is so fair!

I’m looking forward to trying the new Nivea wild raspberry and white tea body mousse! It smells so good and is lovely and fast drying on the skin.

Nivea wild raspberry and white tea body mousse

Nivea wild raspberry and white tea body mousse

On a hot day I tend to take a lip balm stick with SPF and a small sun cream in my handbag just in case I need it. Actually the past few times I’ve been out I have passed the sun cream around all my friends as they all began to burn in the sun! I tend to re apply once when it’s about 1pm, I have downloaded this UV app on my phone which tells me when UV is strongest, i’d totally recommend this as you can also ask it to remind you when to put SPF on and how often depending on how strong the UV is!

After all the cocktails, beer and burgers its time to head home and after a cup of tea start my evening skincare routine. To be honest in this heat I’ve been having a second shower, but this time I don’t use a cleanser. In an evening I prefer to take all my make up off with Nivea sensitive skin Micellar water. I also use the clinique ‘take the day off cleansing balm’ if I have worn heavy make up that day. Secondly I use my trusted Charlotte Tilbury eye cream followed by Nivea night cream and lip butter. Sometimes use Nivea’s Q10 overnight serum if my skin is feeling quite dry.

I’m looking forward to trying the new Urban skin detox night cream. The gel like texture looks like it will guarantee 48+ hydration and moisture ready for heading into autumn months.



Hopefully it will stay sunny for a few more weeks. As I really don’t want to start shopping for my winter wardrobe yet!

What is your perfect summers day? Have you changed your skincare routine to cope with the heat and higher UV rate? Let me know what products you are loving at the moment!

Have a great day,

The Beauty Analyst xo

p.s products were sent by Nivea for my to try and share with you lovely lot x



  1. Makeup dreamer September 28, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    Liked your simple and easy to follow skincare routine.

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