So as you’ve probably read already I’m a lover of make up, beauty and lifestyle 24/7 with a regular 9-5 job Monday to Friday!

After a long time of recommending make up, beauty products and lifestyle tips to my girls I thought I’d share with the world and create a blog. I hope to help young teens who want to get set up their first make up kit, young women with a huge and ever expanding make up collection and middle aged women who would like to try something reliable and fabulous. I’m not saying I’m an expert on anything beauty, but I take the time to read up, try on myself and then only recommend the good products to you. Basically I can be your make up/beauty friend if you haven’t got one.

I love beauty and want to make life easier for people who don’t know too much about the best products out there. I will be the person in your head who can safely tell you that the £40 eye shadow palette that you just bought was worth it, or say that the £4 one would have been just as good!

In October 2016 I also started to include Lifestyle posts on my Blog! I love writing lifestyle posts such as ‘A guide to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Top 10 things to do this season’ posts. I think its great to share my advice on beautiful and fun experiences I have had so you can try them too with your friends, families and loved ones.

In June 2017 I got engaged. In order to keep a memory of all my wedding planning and share my journey I decided to add a ‘Bridal’ section to my blog to talk about all things wedding.

I hope you enjoy my posts, you can also find me on Twitter & Instagram and if you wish to contact me regarding anything beauty and lifestyle email me at thebeautyanalystblog@gmail.com 



aka – The Beauty Analyst x