10 tips to help you lose weight and keep it off!

Hello Beauts!
As a few of you know being healthy to me is everything. It stops me from feeling poorly, exhausted, negative and having low self esteem. I never thought I would be healthy but life got in the way illness crept into my family, and suddenly I realised your health is the most precious thing you have, and you should pro-long it for as long as possible. So two years later and four stone lighter here I am writing this post to help YOU.
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The Beauty Analyst: 2016 Blog Review

Hello beauts! What a roller coaster ride this year has been. Looking back on everything I am so happy I started a blog, I can officially say that over 6 months have passed and I still love every minute of it!  I have created a few questions for myself to answer about my blog, If you want to use the same questions I’ve left them at the bottom of this post for you to use – tag me in and link me your post if you use them!


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