Mistakes brides always make when planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. How do you plan a wedding when you haven’t really been to one and have no clue where to start?! Once the question has been popped, it’s only natural to a little crazy trying to plan the perfect occasion. I have read so many guides and tips about how to make planning a wedding easier so you have most things covered.  However, despite our best efforts, there are numerous mistakes that brides make time and time again.


25 Things I have achieved before turning Twenty-Five

So on St Patrick’s day (17th March) I turn the grand old age of 25. It’s weird really as I think I’m really old now but really I’m still finding my way through this thing called adulthood. I thought I’d reflect on the last 25 years and see what I’ve achieved and document it in a blog post for myself and you lovely lot.

Hello 25 Balloons

The Little Things To Expect On Your Wedding Day

I have been loving adding to the bridal section of my blog recently. We have set a date and planning is in full swing. I keep getting so many ideas for bridal blog posts. Now I’m engaged so many people keep sharing stories of their own wedding experiences to me. I thought I’d share some of the in a post to help other bride to be’s.

Engagement 2017-05


How to deal with the stress of planning a wedding

I’m pretty much in full wedding planning mode at the moment. I’ve booked my venue, church, photographer, and wedding DJ now!. The more I keep ticking off my list the longer it seems to get!. There is no doubt about it that planning a wedding is an extremely stressful experience. If you feel like your mind is going into overdrive I thought I’d include some tips  to help you feel a little more relaxed; and ready to deal with the stresses of planning a wedding!!


Crownbrush makeup – first impressions review

I think I sometimes get stuck in my old ways when it comes to make up brands. I tend to go back to the reliable and trustworthy cosmetics counters and select the same products. It was a truly pleasant surprise when Crownbrush got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to review some of their make up – obviously I said yes and could wait to try brand that I’d never tried before!