MGC Derma Skincare Review

Happy July beauts, wow isn’t this year flying by. Love Island is finally getting good and the sun is out all day every day and I’m loving it. I was recently contacted by the brand MGC Derma to choose a couple of their products and let you all know how much I had loved using them. There is something I should tell you though…Their products contain a very controversial ingredient – cannabis.


Magic Eye Rescue Cream – Charlotte Tilbury

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a long time you’ll know that eye cream is my go to skincare fave product. Well that all changed in December last year when I got the Magic Eye Cream by Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury - Magic Eye rescue (more…)

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection: Kim Kardashian West – Kim K.W

Kim Kardashian West might not be your favourite person, but this lipstick will make you love her just a little bit.



High Street or High End Make-up? – Fabulous Highlighters

Hello beauts!

I’m back blogging and ready to immerse myself in this world that I love so very much again! LIFE UPDATE: The reason I’ve been distant is due to the fact that I’ve moved out of my family house!.  At 23 years of age I’m officially a proper adult living in my first house with my boyfriend – whoop whoop!!, its now been a week and we haven’t killed each other so life is very good.

As you know I am a beauty blogger so thought we’d get straight back in there with a blog post about one of my favourite make-up products – HIGHLIGHTERS.


High St or High End?: Shimmer Bricks

Name: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Pink Quartz) / Collection Gorgeous Glow Block
Brand: Bobbi Brown/Collection
Price: £33/£4.19
thebeautyanalystscore outta 10: 10/6

Photo 11-06-2016, 16 01 39

Bobbi Brown or Collection? you decide.

So we all love highlighters. I especially love multiple tone highlighters as I think that they can really take a look to the next level and create a multi-dimensional skin finish.

I have had both of these highlighters for quite a while now. One I use very often, and one I don’t.  (more…)