The Beauty Analyst: What I got for my 25th Birthday!

Last week I turned 25!. I had a lovely day and was gifted with lots of beautiful birthday presents from my loved ones!. I enjoyed writing my post last year for what I got for my 24th birthday so thought I’d make it tradition and do it again this year!

25th birthday


The Beauty Analyst: What I got for my 24th Birthday!

One of my favourite types of blogs posts to read are ‘what people got for my birthday‘ posts! Not too long ago it was my 24th birthday (I’m getting so old) so I thought I’d share with you some of what I got from my family and friends as gifts!

24th Birthday Gifts -06

Blogger Gift Swap!

This December I took part in the Christmas Blogger Gift Swap set up by A Piece of Viola. Lots of UK bloggers took part and were matched together by Viola to be gift buddies! We then had to get in touch with our partner, set a budget and then mention a few things you like and may want for Christmas.

bloggergiftswap16-08 (more…)